HERE GLOBAL FOUNDATION Launches Free Interactive Meditation App And Mental Health Crowdfunding Campaign On World Peace Day

This World Peace Day, HERE GLOBAL FOUNDATION launches its mission to ease human suffering with digital treatment technologies that help humanity triumph over trauma. The foundation has released a free interactive meditation app, offering scientifically-grounded interactive exercises to quickly interrupt the pattern of stress in daily life. The nonprofit also launched a crowdfunding campaign to help provide mental health tools to communities on the frontlines of trauma. The Foundation will launch programs supporting refugees, at-risk youth, victims of violence, and other mental health advocacy groups around the world.

Available on iOS and Android, the free interactive meditation app offers exercises combining staring, breathing, and swiping techniques that provide focus for a wandering mind. In as little as three minutes, the science behind the app works to quickly improve executive functioning, promote the healing and resolution of difficult internal states, and instill a deepening state of relaxation.

HERE has partnered with for their Globally Televised Web Broadcast, scheduled to live stream celebrities, change makers and artists throughout World Peace Weekend, from September 21st – 23rd. On Sunday, September 23rd at 10am PDT, Unify will feature a HERE YOUR CALL broadcast hour, hosted by renowned spiritual psychologist and Founder CEO of HERE, Dr. Laurie Ann Levin. The hour will unite a cast of outstanding and diverse purpose-led leaders in sharing the profound stories of how they heard their calling to change the world. The digital broadcast will culminate in a Global Synchronized Meditation with a call-to-action to light up the HERE World Peace Map, sharing where participants are meditating.

HERE is anchored in the knowledge that humans are struggling to process the increasing rate of change in society, resulting in greater emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual trauma. HERE GLOBAL FOUNDATION provides free tools, promoted as non-sectarian approaches to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Early proof of the app’s efficacy has been established via a three-month pilot study of 250 self-reporting HERE app users, revealing a 9.4% improvement in the ability to handle feelings such as sadness, fear and anger, along with equally impactful improvements in measures of resiliency against stress, anxiety and depression.

The foundation has already been invited to deploy the meditation app technology in India, Uganda, Iraq, Canada, and the US. To fund these projects, a crowdfunding campaign is chasing a target goal of USD1,000,000. Proceeds will go towards versioning the HERE app with localized language, cultural content production, free mobile devices, mental health curriculum development, and on-the-ground rollout support with impact measurement around the globe.

Founder CEO, Dr. Levin shares this message for the world: “We cannot expect governments to deliver a decisive culture of peace; it must come from within each of us, for inner peace begets world peace.”

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