Huya Launches “Protect Our Home Planet” Campaign with Wildlife Conservation Organizations, Promoting Human-to-Nature Harmony

HUYA Inc., a game live streaming platform in China, officially launched its “Protect Our Home Planet” Campaign (the “Campaign”), partnering with TRAFFIC, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), aiming to raise public awareness of preventing and resisting illegal wildlife trade online, and promote harmony between human and nature.

Huya CEO Dong Rongjie, Huya Senior Vice President Li Meng, Director of TRAFFIC China Xu Ling, and IFAW China Program Manager Ma Chenyue jointly launched this over one-year Campaign at the annual gala “HUYA Boom Night” held in Macao, south China on January 16, 2022. Popular live streamer on Huya Live – Buqiuren was invited to serve as the Campaign ambassador.

In recent years, China has increasingly been paying high attention to ecological civilization, biological diversity, and sustainable development. As an influential enterprise, Huya aims to make greater social impact by launching this Campaign. The Company plans to create digital atmosphere for wildlife conservation, which will ultimately foster the coexistence between human and nature.

“To actively responds to the calling of building a beautiful home and achieving sustainable development, support biodiversity and fight against the illegal wildlife trade, Huya initiated the Campaign in collaboration with CWCA, IFAW and TRAFFIC, making contribution towards the goal of conserving ecological environment and the planet. We sincerely hope to establish an environmentally and socially responsible live streaming platform with the collaborative efforts from live stream hosts, users, volunteers, non-profit organizations and others, so that we can work together to achieve the goal of fostering a positive online space, and living in harmony with nature,” said Li Meng, Senior Vice President of Huya.

According to the Campaign, Huya will collaborate with key nature reserves to launch 100 episodes of live streaming series that will cover five main themes, including Stories of Wildlife Conservationists”, “Back to the Sky”, and “Knowing Our Endangered Friends”. For instance, relevant experts from CWCA and TRAFFIC will join the theme of “Knowing Our Endangered Friends” and share the stories through live stream and engage with audiences to improve their knowledge of endangered species and importance of biological conservation.

Meanwhile, in an effort to foster sustainable development of society by means of art, the Campaign will invite 100 live streamers from Huya platform and create online events that further boost the harmonious relationship between human and the nature. For example, Huya plans to launch an online art festival that features tiger conservation on International Tiger Day (July 29) this year, presenting unique content including ethnic songs and dance shows; and creates another art festival at the beach in Zhuhai, China, focusing on the whale conservation and sustainable development for human livelihoods.

To further support wildlife conservation, Huya is also initiating the “Tiger’s Food Guardian Plan” to establish an anti-poaching fund server, where users can make online donations during the live streaming events. Such donations, also known as “Tiger Food”, will be converted to the corresponding monetary amount and transferred into the fund to be used to combat poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

In addition, Huya will mobilize its volunteer team with over 100,000 registered members on the platform to publicize the relevant laws and regulations of wildlife protection and knowledge about preventing illegal wildlife trade online, while continuing to develop the AI guarding system to identify wildlife crime information on the platform to achieve high efficiency information classification.

Huya also plans to introduce a brave and clever virtual figure – “Tiger Cub” as the conservation ambassador, who will advocate a sustainable and planet-based lifestyle to the netizens. With Huya’s capabilities in AI and VR technologies, the form of VR live streaming will allow the audiences to feel closely on the scene and experience living harmoniously with wildlife.

Xu Ling, Director of TRAFFIC China, noted that biodiversity lays the foundation for the survival of mankind and sustainable development. “In this special time, we realized that corporate social responsibility is more crucial than ever. As a member of the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online, Huya has not only actively pushed forward a positive online environment, but also built the connections with all relevant parties to encourage more of the public to participate in biodiversity governance and conservation,” said Xu.

Ma Chenyue, IFAW China Program Manager, said that “this Campaign echoes the theme of ‘Ecological Civilization: Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth’, at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. As the Year of the Tiger arrives, we hope that this Campaign will turn into a success of joint efforts across sectors to advance biodiversity conservation, and an innovative and open platform to welcome participation from various organizations and people from all walks of life.”

As a socially responsible enterprise, Huya pays close attention to issues like biodiversity conservation, habitat protection, and combating illegal wildlife trade; and utilizes innovative ways to encourage platform users and the public to participate in wildlife conservation.

In the future, Huya will continue to promote connections between virtual and reality through more innovative forms of live streaming, fully coordinate the capabilities and resources of all parties, and drive for the smooth execution of this Campaign. The relevant positive content on Huya platform is expected to effectively raise public awareness of wildlife conservation and contribute to the sustainable development with planet-based lifestyle.


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