IGS Energy Commits to Helping Build a Healthier Planet by Going Green for Good

As the world continues to navigate through the worst global health crisis in a century and people ponder their own health and how to take charge of it, IGS Energy is embracing its role and responsibility to help create a healthier planet. 

To help lead the fight against climate change, the Ohio-based energy company today announced its goal of becoming a completely carbon-neutral energy provider by 2040. The company’s first major step in doing so is to provide 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral natural gas to all new residential consumers beginning today.

“Energy companies have an obligation to be the driving force toward a sustainable energy future, and this is just one of many actions we are taking to meet that obligation,” said Scott White, president and CEO of IGS Energy. “People want to be responsible energy consumers, and it is incumbent on the industry to give them the resources to take charge of their own energy consumption for energy independence and a healthier planet.

As new generations of energy consumers enter the market, the focus on sustainable energy continues to rise. According to a 2018 survey published by Consumer Reports, 
most Americans want cleaner energy from renewable sources and are frustrated by a perceived lack of options from their utilities. Here’s a deeper look at the numbers:

  • 76% of customers who believe that increasing renewable energy is a worthwhile goal
  • 48% of customers would pay $5/month more for energy from renewable resources 
  • 61% of customers would like their utility to spend more on efficiency instead of power plants 
  • 22% of customers think their utility is doing a good job investing in renewable energy

Source: Consumer Reports Survey, 2018

Today’s announcement is just the first step in an ongoing commitment by IGS Energy to making the shift to sustainable energy easy, convenient and cost efficient for all consumers. That effort is supported by the company’s “Let’s Go Green for Good” tagline, brand identity and ad campaign.

Over the next decade IGS Energy will expand the product portfolio, building on the success of the solar division, shifting to clean energy for home consumers and introducing more sustainable and efficiency-focused products for business customers. IGS Energy will take on climate change by pursuing the development of smart technologies that empower consumer choice and make sustainable and clean energy the most pragmatic energy choice available.

The goal of becoming net zero by 2040 means that IGS Energy will reduce the direct and indirect emissions from its operations and customer products and services as much as possible and offset any remaining emissions. From a product perspective, IGS Energy will purchase carbon offsets and RECs from verified sustainability projects worldwide. Click here for more information from the EPA on RECs and carbon offsets. In addition, IGS Energy will continue to provide solar power to homes and businesses through development partnerships.

As a longtime member of the Conscious Capitalism movement, IGS Energy has also committed $1.2 million over the next two years to non-profit organizations focused on building awareness of energy-related environmental challenges and increasing access and equity in consumers’ transition to renewable energy.

As an independent energy provider, IGS has greater control over its own energy future and believes in its obligation to empower its more than 1 million energy customers to take action and reverse the effects of climate change.

“We have a real opportunity to provide additional value to customers and impact the collective environmental footprint. Refocusing our product suite to move away from fossil fuels is not an overnight process, but a pragmatic one to make sustainable energy options easy, affordable, and accessible to consumers,” White added.

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