In Her Shoes 2018: New Profile Added to Raise Funds for Separated Immigrant Families

Circle of Health International (COHI), an international humanitarian organization providing reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care in crisis settings around the world, has launched one of its most engaging campaigns, In Her Shoes. Intended to bring awareness to the devastating impact maternal malnutrition has on both mothers and babies, In Her Shoes asks participants to adopt the diet of a woman in a developing country for 24 hours. And in response to the current crisis at the TexasMexico border, a sixth challenge has been added for a woman in the Rio Grande Valley.

Sera Bonds, COHI CEO: “Too many of the women we work with around the world live off of less than $2 a day. Poor nutrition during pregnancy endangers mothers in the millions every day and in the first weeks of a child’s life, it has catalyzing effects that last into adulthood—stunted growth leads to impaired cognitive ability, which then results in reduced school and work performance. We’re asking healthy, safe mothers to walk In Her Shoes for just 24 hours, helping us shine a spotlight on how hard it is to be a healthy mother in communities outside our own.”

The In Her Shoes campaign, running June 18-July 1, aims to raise $30,000 to go toward COHI programs supporting vulnerable mothers and babies, including:

  • Providing medical care to immigrant families being separated at the TexasMexico border
  • Keeping the lights on and 5,000 patients a month fed at the last remaining hospital in Aleppo, Syria
  • Training 40 birth workers in Nigeria
  • Helping over 4,000 survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
  • Supporting the work of ProFamil in Haiti, providing reproductive care and post-abortion counseling to nearly 100 women’s health care workers
  • Training six local Nepalese women as midwives to work in their communities

Participants can eat the diet of one of our six profiled women for one day of their choosing during the campaign. They also have the option to buy out of the challenge by donating $60 to feed a mother for one month.


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