Innovative New Product for Doctor’s Surgeries Takes Marketing into COVID-19 Era

British businesses looking for new ways to tackle their marketing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic could soon connect with their local communities via hand sanitiser stations with the launch of brand new Pump It units.

Designed and developed by marketing company, Pump It Marketing, the hand sanitiser stations will be located in doctors’ surgeries, health centres and medical centres around the country. The units incorporate digital signage space, which sits above the liquid dispensers, giving businesses a prime location for their marketing messages and targeted promotions.

Each Pump It station is sensor driven and will automatically dispense a hand cleanser to minimise physical contact between medical centre visitors and the hygienic display.

Karen Nelson, Pump It Marketing Director said, “We are helping GP practises around the country to install modern, sensor-driven hand sanitiser stations at access points and other key locations within the practise. The stations perform an important function, given the government’s advice to frequently cleanse and sanitise hands to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

“Our smart stations are multi-functional and a very effective tool for raising brand awareness, showcasing important information and engaging with the local community. They are also a very topical and timely way to extend an existing campaign or to show support for our hardworking local key workers.”

Digital signage is often used in retail spaces to better connect with consumers and can be used to showcase products, adverts and videos. Research[1] suggests that digital signage gives brands a 33% uplift in sales compared to printed signs alone, and plays a vital role in spreading important information.

Karen adds, “A key selling point for the Pump It station is that not only does it perform a vital function in sanitising hands, for businesses it’s also dynamic meaning products and messaging can be changed instantly, giving a level of flexibility that few other marketing and advertising mediums can facilitate.”

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