Jaanuu Launches #NurseToNurse Campaign During “National Nurses Week” To Change The Conversation Between Nurses

Jaanuu is disrupting the medical environment by changing the dialogue between nurses. In honor of National Nurses Week (May 6-12) Jaanuu has debuted an initiative to spotlight nurses who nurture and support one another. With yesterday’s launch of its #NurseToNurse campaign, Jaanuu is seeking to foster greater awareness and appreciation within the nursing community encouraging nurses to share messages of support and recognition to their colleagues.

In its ongoing research into the culture of nursing, Jaanuu found that while professional respect and compassion are often the norm, there can also be an adverse social dynamic among nurses, exacerbated by high-pressure medical environments and demanding long shifts.  Younger and older staff alike have sometimes been made to feel incompetent or insignificant, which has become entrenched as a hidden problem that must be eliminated. Jaanuu’s mission is to bring to the forefront the positive messages shared from nurse to nurse that can often be unheard or overshadowed.

Jaanuu has launched its #NurseToNurse campaign and contest to help catalyze and change the conversation.  Beginning May 6, nurses are welcome to create a short video, or a written story and photo, with a fellow nurse who has made a positive impact on their career and life.  Materials may be uploaded directly to the contest site (www.jaanuu.com/nursetonurse), which can be accessed through the Jaanuu homepage.  Alternatively, they may be uploaded to entrants’ Instagram accounts with the hashtags #NurseToNurse and #contest.

Qualified entries submitted either way will appear on the contest page with a dedicated link to each story.  Friends, family, and coworkers are encouraged to vote and spread the word about the #NurseToNurse campaign.  All entries and votes must be submitted by Sunday, May 27.  Every qualified entry will receive a $20 Jaanuu gift card, one per person.  The top ten entries will receive $500 Jaanuu gift cards, one each for nominators and nominees.  The entry with the most votes will receive the grand prize: an all-expense-paid trip-for-two to Los Angeles including a spa getaway and a visit to Jaanuu headquarters ($4,000 value). 

“For five years Jaanuu has risen to become the leader in the medical apparel industry, and we want to help lead this important conversation as well.  Nurses get into the profession because of their tremendous empathy.  This is essential not just in their relationship with patients, but with colleagues.  Our campaign seeks to recognize and reward those who want to improve the culture of nursing, compassionate coworkers and caring mentors, whose positive energy can help inspire others toward the same,” said Dr. Neela Sethi Young, Co-Founder of Jaanuu.

Focused on continual improvement for its customers, last month Jaanuu debuted two Spring apparel collections featuring innovative fabrics that combine superior functionality, superb comfort and runway style.  A third collection will be launched in Fall 2018.




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