Kaluza and AGL Energy to offer innovative smart charging services

Leading energy software platform, Kaluza, and AGL Energy, one of Australia’s largest energy retailers and generators, today announce a partnership to bring innovative e-mobility propositions to Australia – allowing participating AGL customers to charge their electric vehicles at optimal times.

AGL will trial offering Kaluza-powered products to their growing base of electric vehicle owners. Leveraging advanced analytics, Kaluza will optimise the charging of vehicles at times when energy is cheaper and renewables more readily available. The products will help trial-participants save on their monthly energy bills and more easily manage their car’s charging through a personalised digital experience.

The trial partnership will initially provide Tesla EV drivers with a smart proposition through the new AGL ChargeOn mobile app, before expanding the service to cover other major EV brands in Australia. The AGL ChargeOn app will connect directly to EV drivers’ cars and automatically schedule charging according to when cheap, renewable energy is in abundance, while ensuring their EV is ready when they need it. AGL customers participating in the trial will be rewarded up to $20/month for allowing Kaluza to manage their vehicle’s charging.

In the future, it is expected that the next generation of vehicles will also enable energy to flow bidirectionally – allowing vehicles to export energy back into people’s homes and the grid – doubling the amount of flexibility available to manage a resilient, low carbon energy system. According to Kaluza’s data, when half of all Australia’s vehicles are electric, they will create almost 13GW of daily flexible load – more than all of the coal generation capacity in New South Wales today.

Neel Gulhar, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Flex at Kaluza said:

“Electric vehicles provide a formidable opportunity for us to overcome the challenges of decarbonisation, while giving drivers a frictionless experience that fits around their lives. Kaluza’s powerful smart charging software gives energy companies the tools to more readily support EV users. We are excited to bring these rewards to AGL’s customers in Australia.”

AGL Chief Customer Officer, Jo Egan, said:

“EVs have a critical role to play in Australia’s decarbonisation journey and AGL is here to support EV customers with innovative solutions to charging their car. We are proud to be working with Kaluza to help EV customers participating in the trial to save money while they charge, while ensuring their car is ready when they need it.

Our goal at AGL is to make it simple for customers to choose – whether it be EVs, solar, batteries, energy-efficient products, e-mobility products, or energy management – by using data-driven, personalised recommendations to unlock the true value of these investments.

We’ve already started with offers like our EV subscriptions, EV charging, Peak Energy Rewards, virtual power plant, and green financing. We are constantly innovating and monitoring the latest solutions emerging from around the world so we can bring the best solutions to the Australian market. Our focus is to continue developing new products and services that will enable our customers and the community through the energy transition and decarbonise how they live, work and move.”

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