Karya Kares Continues Fight to Stop Mass School Shootings with #ALLSMILESNOGUNS

With an astonishing 239 recorded school shootings since 2012, with 438 people injured and 138 of those killed, the effort to prevent future episodes of violence is far from over. Continuing this mission is Karya Kares, a non-profit foundation focused on community development and dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals globally.

In August of 2018, Karya Kares Foundation led a Texas-wide #ALLSMILESNOGUNS campaign, in which nearly 4,000 clear backpacks were distributed across their 49 owned multi-family apartment complexes. These transparent bags were loaded with free school supplies and handed to schoolchildren of all ages. Altogether this initiative was a resounding success.

This year, Karya Kares further expanded upon the effort by taking the campaign to a multi-state level. With full participation across its now 55 multi-family properties in Texas, Kansas, Utah, and Nevada, over 8,000 clear backpacks were distributed to resident schoolchildren, doubling last year. The campaign worked in collaboration with the respective local Police Departments including Houston, Dallas, Austin Police and Fire Departments along with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. All those who participated were also provided basic safety & awareness training. All accessories included were labeled #allsmilesnoguns, to help foster awareness for non-violence in schools, and a special stress relief ball was included to help fight depression. This annual campaign sends a clear message: no child should ever feel unsafe in any learning environment.

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