Lob Makes Direct Mail Carbon Neutral for All Customers Across Entire Lifecycle in World First

Lob, a leading direct mail automation platform, has announced all mail sent through its platform is now 100% carbon neutral across its entire lifecycle, setting a new sustainability standard for direct mail and the marketing industry overall. With Lob, companies will now be able to leverage the power of automated direct mail to maximize ROI while simultaneously decreasing their carbon footprint and meeting sustainability goals, at no additional cost.

As companies continue to put an emphasis on reducing carbon footprints and adopting meaningful sustainable practices, responsible direct mail campaigns are increasingly important. A U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) survey found that 56% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impacts of deliveries, and 41% state that environmental practices play a major role when choosing a delivery company. Yet, direct mail campaigns are effective. Eighty-five percent of consumers regularly read direct mail they receive from brands and 62% have taken action as a result.

“Mail is a powerful, longstanding marketing channel, but one that is paper-based. We realized there was a need and desire to make this vital form of communication more sustainable, which is what we’ve accomplished,” said Christina Louie Dyer, Head of Social Impact & Sustainability, Lob.org, the company’s social advocacy arm focused on driving sustainability, civic action, and racial justice causes forward. “Mail is not going away, and we’re proud to offer an opportunity for organizations to continue leveraging this treasured channel to connect in an eco-conscious way.”

To make sustainable direct mail a reality, SCS Consulting Services supported Lob in developing and implementing its carbon neutral strategy from sourcing raw materials, to production best practices and disposal of mail. SCS Consulting’s sister company, SCS Global Services, a leader in third party sustainability certification and auditing, carried out Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to evaluate the carbon emissions created in the production of each type of mail Lob offers, including postcards, letters, checks, and self-mailers. Uniquely, the study encompassed an end-to-end analysis of the entire life cycle of mail production. It helped identify areas for reduction and carbon offset purchase options best aligned with each type of emission.

“Lob’s carbon neutral direct mail will have major market impact for any and all businesses looking to lessen their carbon footprints,” said Bonnie Holman, Managing Director at SCS Consulting Services. “We are seeing a paradigm shift in companies across all industries and sizes increasingly seeking out opportunities to incorporate sustainable practices into the fabric of their businesses, so this is not only a big win for Lob, but also their customers, partners, end recipients of the carbon neutral mail pieces, and the industry as a whole.”

“We’re committed to sustainability in our own business practices and seek mission aligned organizations whenever we make a choice to partner,” said Give Lively CEO, David DeParolesa, a digital fundraising platform that facilitates donations to nonprofits. “This news reinforces why we partnered with Lob in the first place. The platform continues to save us time, and therefore, helps our nonprofits do more good work. Lob’s pricing is the most competitive, which saves us money and allows us to do more of our own good work. It’s a win-win.”

To further cement its ESG commitment, Lob launched Lob.org to double down on driving positive change. During the summer of 2021, Lob ran its first ESG materiality assessment to identify its key material ESG issue areas. Product sustainability came out front and center, leading Lob to partner with SCS Consulting to measure its GHG emissions and to complete a product life cycle assessment (LCA) for each of its form factors.

“Lob’s platform was built on the foundation of a comprehensive, robust, well-documented API that’s simple, with great UI, and works better than anything else on the market,” said Resistbot Executive Director, Jason Putorti. “We are dedicated to increasing civic engagement, government accountability and voter turnout, by turning text messages into mailed correspondence between constituents and their elected officials. Resistbot is frequently used to advocate for better environmental policy, so this news further bolsters not only our organization’s sustainability efforts but also any citizen that is politically engaged and using our platform.”

Since its inception, Lob has prioritized building a business that is both profitable and positively impactful in the world. With each stage of growth, Lob has consciously taken steps towards mitigating its environmental impact. As part of the carbon neutral launch, Lob will purchase vetted carbon credits that support renewable energy projects, as energy usage is one of the greatest material impact areas when producing and delivering a piece of mail. From a resourcing perspective, Lob ensures that it uses FSC certified paper that is made up of at least 10% post-consumer waste. Since 2017, Lob has planted over half a million trees, representing more than two trees for every one that was used in the production of their mail pieces through their partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

To learn more, visit www.lob.com/sustainable-direct-mail.

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