The London Book Fair Nominates the Kittiwake Trust as Charity of the Year 2018

The Kittiwake Trust – a charity that gives free books to society’s most marginalised groups – has been selected by The London Book Fair as its Charity of the Year for 2018.

Founded in 2009, The Kittiwake Trust donates books and other items to not-for-profit organisations and schools. In 2017, the Trust donated 14,222 books, including 6,000 books to prisons, custody suites, and groups supporting former prisoners.

Focussing on putting books in the hands of those that need them most, while preventing books from going to waste, in 2015 the Trust launched its multi-lingual library which now holds over 7,000 books in more than 81 languages.

As The London Book Fair’s Charity of the Year, The Kittiwake Trust will exhibit at the Fair in April and receive extensive marketing support before and during the event. LBF will also provide Kittiwake with year-long promotion on its website, and online opportunities for fundraising.

The Kittiwake Trust will host a seminar on books in prison at The London Book Fair on Tuesday 10th April.

Jacks Thomas, Director at the London Book Fair, commented: “The work of the Kittiwake Trust is truly inspiring, and we look forward to giving them a platform at LBF that will help them build awareness of the invaluable work they are doing to supply books to those who need them most.”


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