Love Button Global Movement Announces the #GiveLoveCampaign, a Fund Raising Drive to Support New Programs

The Love Button Global Movement announced an ambitious vision to launch new educational, humanitarian, and integrative health programs. Love Button set this intention at the nonprofit organization’s retreat in Los Angeles that was attended by its supporters. An appeal was made to put love into action by supporting the #GiveLoveCampaign, which funds Love Button programming and outreach, including youth programs to end shaming and bullying in schools, training compassionate physicians of tomorrow, and global humanitarian programs.

The Love Button Global Movement organization is well known for its round lapel pins with the word “Love” printed on them. These Love Buttons are worn daily by many celebrities, including Chris Martin, the front man of international rock band sensation ColdPlay. Chris Martin also highlighted Love Button during ColdPlay’s halftime performance at Super Bowl 50 where 75,000 attendees in the stadium held up tiles, which collectively spelled out “Believe in Love.” Other high-profile influencers are regularly seen wearing a Love Button, including media personality Stephanie Ruhle who anchors two daily news programs on MSNBC. The Love Button symbolizes the power of love to ignite a global conversation in healing the world. It is also a physical reminder that we – humanity – are all in this together and should act with kindness and compassion in each moment. Behind the physical Love Buttons is a nonprofit organization offering programs that empower, inspire and educate our human family. Love Button therefore set the intention to expand the organization with the purpose of spreading love further, touching more lives, and providing impactful programming locally and globally.

The #GiveLoveCampaign is requesting donations to fund these programs:

  • School Outreach Programs – student programs to counter bullying, shaming, and exclusion with love. It will feature speakers, workshops, and curriculum development to support compassion and empathy in schools and to provide an emotional and social foundation for our youth.
  • Integrative Medicine Research & Outreach Program – offered in partnerships with universities, it provides access to treatment services for underserved patient populations, physical and mental health well-being curriculum, and training the next generation of loving and compassionate physicians.
  • International Humanitarian Activities – Partnering with global organizations to provide access to education and medical services, community development, orphanage construction, prison fellowship, homeless and underserved community relief, and support of victims of torture.

Donations also support Love Button’s outreach efforts and allow the organization to distribute buttons to students, schools, charities and its partner humanitarian organizations. Love Button shares buttons with communities impacted by tragedies to promote healing, including at Parkland, Florida following the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. In addition, Love Button distributes buttons through its Dandelion Initiative, which spreads love across the globe like the spores of the dandelion. The loving power of the button is intense and serves as a visible reminder to #pauseandlove. Love Button is promoting loving action in our daily lives and is committed to changing the world one button at a time.

The Love Button annual retreat was led by co-founders Dr. Sherry Sami and Dr. Habib Sadeghi, the author of the acclaimed book, The Clarity Cleanse. They expressed Love Button’s deep gratitude of sharing and being present with the retreat attendees. Dr. Sherry Sami led the intention setting, followed by a walking in love and trust process. The day’s events included a poetry reading by renown Rumi scholar, Professor Coleman Barks, and celebrated poet Lisa Starr that was accompanied by classic and spiritual music and a contemporary Persian and Sufi dancer. Dr Sami said, “We experienced the loving and transformation that was palpable at the Love Button retreat and hope our supporters will bring this love with them in all areas of their daily lives.”

The Love Button retreat was a magical gathering of Being in the Loving, which brought forth a deeper consciousness of Love Button with the purpose of taking the organization to the next level and to be of greater service to our human family. Dr. Habib Sadeghi described the organization’s line of energy and said, “Now is the time for Love Button. The world and our children need our message of love and compassion.” Love Button asked its supporters to provide the organization with the resources to fulfill its critically important humanitarian mission.

John Marino, executive director, announced the ambitious plan to expand the Love Button organization with the goal of disseminating its loving message further and inspiring more people. Describing the vision for organizational and programmatic growth, he said “If these programs speak to your heart, please support our vital mission and its essential work. Your donation is impactful, empowering our human family and cultivating loving action.”


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