‘Low Carbon Living’ partnership announced to highlight importance of carbon removals

Carbon conscious consumers and businesses now have the ability to fully offset their carbon footprint by purchasing high quality carbon removal credits. 

JustCarbon and Carbon Savvy are looking to overcome some of the problems there have been in the marketplace previously, by only featuring high quality credits from robustly designed and measured, nature-based projects, that maintain or add new carbon removal capacity to the planet’s ecosystems.

This method would assist those who have already made decisions to live a lower carbon lifestyle. JustCarbon’s JCR token represents 1 tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere, which means that an individual or organisation’s unavoidable emissions can be offset. 

With global policy makers falling behind, the private and retail sectors are stepping in as the need for direct and rapid climate action to both meet net zero targets and go beyond by removing historical CO2 emissions is now the most pressing issue of our time, with recent climate anomalies worldwide underscoring the need for urgent action.  

Without scaling and adding additionality to much needed carbon removal projects, we will not succeed in meeting the vital carbon removal goals needed to fight climate change. 


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