LUNGevity Foundation Launches Inhale for Life: Right Track Public Service and Social Media Campaign During Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Kicking off Lung Cancer Awareness Month, LUNGevity, the nation’s leading lung cancer-focused nonprofit organization, launched its Inhale for Life: Right Track public service campaign. This powerful campaign features the stories of lung cancer survivors and their families and aims to answer the first question of people recently diagnosed with lung cancer: “What do I do now?”  

The fourth installment in LUNGevity’s annual Inhale for Life campaign series to educate lung cancer patients and their families about achieving the best outcomes, Inhale for Life: Right Track is designed to give expert advice on the most important first steps people can take following a lung cancer diagnosis.

The Right Track offers a roadmap for achieving the best possible outcomes in lung cancer treatment and care. Newly diagnosed patients are advised to get on the right track right away—seeing the right team, having the right tests, and getting the right treatment, right from the start.

Seeing the right team means consulting with specialists who diagnose and treat a high volume of patients with lung cancer and finding the right advocacy team. Having the right test—comprehensive biomarker testing—is essential to help make a specific diagnosis of what subtype of lung cancer a person may have and will inform a more accurate treatment approach. The right treatment plan can best be made by waiting for the results of those tests to understand your specific type of lung cancer. The Right Track® was developed by the Kraft Harvard Business School Precision Medicine Accelerator, a pan-cancer working group of patient advocacy organizations, in which LUNGevity participated.

“Diagnostic and therapeutic options for lung cancer are accelerating at an unprecedented pace,” says Andrea Ferris, President and CEO of LUNGevity Foundation. “Today, more people than ever are living well with lung cancer, thanks to advances in research, biomarker testing, and new and more personalized treatment plans. However, the majority of people diagnosed with lung cancer still do not take advantage of these new discoveries. Our goal with Inhale for Life: Right Track is to reach as many people as possible who have been diagnosed with lung cancer and educate them on how to access the best care.”

The Inhale for Life: Right Track videos showcase lung cancer survivors who followed the right steps and are able to continue to live and thrive, sharing family experiences. One survivor has written a book and completed a graduate degree since diagnosis. Two medical oncologists, Dr. Narjust Duma of University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, Madison, WI, and Dr. Raymond Osarogiagbon of Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, TN, share their expertise and encourage patients to play an active role in developing a treatment plan.

The Inhale for Life: Right Track campaign is supported in part by grants from AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, EMD Serono, Genentech, and Takeda. The campaign can be seen at

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