Lupus LA Launches Powerful Campaign Promoting Community in the Fight to Cure Lupus

Lupus LA, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding the causes of and a cure for lupus, today unveiled its first-ever public service announcement as part of their Your Story Our Fight campaign, which launched earlier this month at their annual fundraiser, the Orange Ball 2019. The new campaign was made possible through a generous grant from GSK, a science-led global healthcare company, which is dedicated to finding additional effective treatments for lupus and advancing patient care, advocacy, and support.

The PSA is narrated by legendary R&B/pop pioneer and seven-time Grammy Award-winner Toni Braxton, who also serves on the Lupus LA Board of Directors. Diagnosed with lupus several years ago, Braxton hasn’t allowed that to slow her career momentum nor her role as a proud mother of two.

Lupus LA fights to shift each patient’s story from pain to promise by providing patient services and programs, supporting medical research and sparking national advocacy. The new public service announcement declares community as a step forward in finding the solution, because Lupus LA believes lupus is a fight that can be won together.

As May’s National Lupus Awareness Month comes to a close, the organization’s new campaign efforts will also allow lupus patients to share stories, build community and foster relationships through free regional support groups.

“Lupus LA has always been on the forefront of raising awareness for this challenging autoimmune disease, but this campaign will allow us to expand that reach and share this important message in a new way,” says Adam Selkowitz, Chairman of Lupus LA. “Telling lupus stories is critical to the overall effort to shed light on the seriousness of this disease and to assist us in finding the cause of – and hopefully one day, a cure for –lupus.”

Lupus is an incurable autoimmune disease that is widespread in the U.S., affecting more than 1 million Americans. However, research shows that nearly two-thirds of the public knows little or nothing about the disease. In fact, more Americans have lupus than AIDS, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis, making it one of the country’s most prevalent medical problems. In Los Angeles County alone, there are more than 60,000 people suffering from lupus.

Lupus LA relies on the generosity of donors to ensure the longevity of its mission to find the cure for lupus while supporting the needs of people with lupus and their families. Since the year 2000, the organization has raised over $13,000,000 for the cause, primarily through special events. Visit for more information on giving, and to stay plugged into their upcoming events.

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