Marketers Sleep Better at Night!

New research has shown that those working in marketing and PR are among the best sleepers in comparison to other industries.

In contrast, those working in science and pharmaceuticals are some of the most likely to experience sleep issues.

Get Laid Beds has conducted research into which professions result in the most and least sleepless nights, based on a survey of over 3,000 working individuals. 

The research looked into which job types cause professionals to get under five hours of sleep and which job types allow professionals to get over seven hours of sleep a night, on average.  

Half of those working in the energy and utilities sector get over seven hours sleep, the most of any of the 23 professional areas analysed. 

The research revealed the industries where employees are most likely to suffer with a bad night’s sleep were:

  • Science and pharmaceuticals
  • Business, consulting and management
  • Leisure, sport and tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Law enforcement and security

In comparison, the industries that admit to getting, on average, more than 7+ nights sleep a night were:

  • Energy and utilities
  • Marketing, advertising and PR
  • Sales
  • Transport and logistics
  • Recruitment

Well over a third (44.95%) working in marketing, advertising and PR also manage to get over seven hours sleep per night.

A close third (44.19%) were those working in sales, who get over seven hours sleep on average per night, making it the third best-sleeping profession.

Katherine Hall, Sleep Expert at Somnus Therapy, comments on the research:

“There’s no surprise really that, stereotypically, the most stressful careers lead to the least amount of sleep. Those that work in the likes of law-enforcement and healthcare are often dealing with situations that will play on their mind, while those in the business sector, especially the likes of owners and CEOs, are forever pondering about when the success of their organisation, or overthinking work situations.”

Contrastingly, only a fifth of people working in the science and pharmaceuticals sector admitted to getting more than seven hours of sleep, followed by a quarter of those in the business sector.

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