Matias Rodsevich, founder of PRLab, launches The PR Paradox, the first book on PR for Start-ups

Matias Rodsevich is proud to announce the official global launch of his book ‘The PR Paradox – How to Master PR as a Startup or Scale-up’, the first of its kind book solely focused on doing PR as a start-up, which will take place on the 10 September 2020.

The PR Paradox is a must-read for startups and scale-ups that are looking for a complete guide on the creative foundation of their own PR strategy in a cost-effective and timely manner. The book offers exclusive insights into the modern PR practice, includes tangible advice from renowned PR professionals and provides real-time solutions on how to achieve significant PR results that will boost business growth in a cost and time effective manner.

“The Paradox relies on the fact that PR is considered a key aspect of business growth but only a few can access it due to a broken agency model, an old-fashioned way of operating and high fees imposed by agencies that make it inaccessible for start-ups to even consider doing some PR. That’s why I wrote this book, to educate all those startups to do PR on their own, and most importantly, bust some old myths around PR that are basically not true,” says Matias Rodsevich.

Matias has a strong background in Tech PR & Marketing and Media Relations, and has helped numerous global startups get started with PR and achieve growth driven results. Among different elements of company success, he values forward-thinking, risk-taking and hard teamwork.

Founded in 2018, PRLab Amsterdam’s fast expanding client roster includes the likes of Impraise, Siilo, Bloomon, 3Dhubs and StuDocu. In ‘The PR Paradox’ Matias has gathered his knowledge, endorsed by 10 years of practical experience of delivering PR services for growing Tech companies.


‘PR is not just about getting your name in print: it’s a strategic process that creates brand awareness and visibility, credibility and authority, and improves your search engine optimization when done well. For a startup with those goals (and every startup should have those goals), The PR Paradox is a place to start.’ – Gini Dietrich, Founder and CEO of Spin Sucks
‘In today’s 24/7 news cycle, a company’s public image can be shaped in a matter of months, if not days. The PR Paradox provides all of the tips and tools for those startups and scaleups that want to take full control of their narrative and bring it to the next level’
Shane Russel, Executive VicePresident, 5W New York

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