M&B adding electric car charging to 200 businesses

Recognising a growth in Electric car ownership, Mitchells & Butlers is teaming up with BP Chargemaster to deliver up to 200 rapid car charging points at a number of their pubs and restaurants across the UK.

After several successful trial locations M&B have agreed to a nationwide rollout of the BP Chargemaster, adding many of their ideally located businesses to one of the UK’s most extensive electric car charging networks.

Guests and plug-in car owners will be able to take advantage of Mitchells & Butlers extensive hospitality portfolio whilst charging their car. Whether that’s stopping for a family meal at Harvester, enjoying a comforting roast at Toby Carvery, or indulging in a delicious steak dinner at Miller & Carter.

One of the trial locations, Harvester Flamstead, has seen the BP Chargemaster unit used an average of eight times a day and over 1,500 times in 2019 so far, with a standard charging time of around half an hour.

Each new earmarked pub or restaurant will have at least one Ultracharge 50kW rapid charger installed by October 2020, providing electric car charging operated on the Polar network, which is backed with 100% renewable electricity.

Richard Turner, Head of Supplier Management at Mitchells & Butlers, said: “After a successful trial at a number of our businesses we’re very excited to roll out BP Chargemaster electric vehicle rapid charging points across wide areas of our estate. We recognise the importance of providing somewhere for EV users to charge their cars, whilst also giving them the opportunity to stop off for a coffee, or even a bite to eat, which is how our pubs and restaurants will play a vital part.

“With a large number of our sites being located either on or near main roads, we will be able to provide prime locations for an EV owner to charge their car. This is an excellent opportunity for Mitchells & Butlers to increase footfall through our businesses, opening up some great locations to BP Chargemaster pay-as-you-go and subscription customers.”

David Newton, Chief Operating Officer of BP Chargemaster, said: “We are very proud to be working with Mitchells & Butlers, which has many of the best-loved restaurant and pub brands in the UK. These new 50kW rapid chargers will making driving an EV across the country even easier, providing a great opportunity for drivers to enjoy a break on a long journey.

“At this stage in the market, we are seeing electric vehicle drivers actively seek out locations that offer convenient charging, so we also expect to deliver additional footfall to sites that host our rapid chargers.”

With up to 50 installations expected by October 2019, Mitchells & Butlers and BP Chargemaster are pleased to be helping make the switch to an electric vehicle and driving with zero emissions easier.

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