McCann Santiago and Ripley premiere an animated short film “The magical night of Gaspar” in Chile and Peru

Christmas is stereotyped by snow and cold. However, in the southern hemisphere of the planet it´s the opposite, it´s the beginning of the summer season where the fire warnings conversations start.

To highlight the people’s works who devote themselves to care and prevent risk for others, Ripley and McCann Santiago make a tribute to all those who give their service to others, especially on Christmas Eve, through an animated short film produced by PUNKROBOT and where the main character is a fireman family man.

“Firemen in Chile have something special, they are volunteers, and their service is because of their vocation and in a season where their duty is so important for the country, we wanted to point out by their example, the individual sacrifice of each of them that give up for the society.” Says Jose Ignacio Solari, McCann Santiago Chief Creative Officer.

Through a 3-minute animated short film produced by Academy Award Winners, PUNKROBOT, for their work “Story of a bear”, it was possible to tell the story created by McCann Santiago about the Alegría (Happiness in English) family and their interrupted celebration of Christmas Eve because the father Gaspar is called for the 24th December night for duty.

“We decided to make magic happen this Christmas,” adds Pilar Barriga, Marketing Manager at Ripley. “Through a 360 campaign, we worked with Facebook to bring a message to Chilean and Peruvian families that revive and emphasize social values and vocation to serve of all the people who help us around those dates”.

The campaign, where the main piece is the animated short film “The magical night of Gaspar”, was released on 5th December in an exclusive premiere by Chilevisión screens. It has PR activations such as the iconic Christmas tree lighting in Plaza de Armas, the most relevant Square in Santiago city, where the short film characters were present, and a social networks strategy on the retail store channels.

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