Meituan Celebrates World Environment Day with Launch of Green Initiatives

 On World Environment Day, Meituan, China’s leading e-commerce platform for services, announced a series of environmental initiatives to champion a lifestyle of green consumption, fulfill its social responsibilities, and contribute to a greener and better world.

To advocate a green lifestyle, Meituan Waimai, Meituan Charity, Mobike, and the China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) jointly launched a one-month campaign to reduce the usage of disposable cutlery. Since June 3, when users of the Meituan Waimai app choose the “opt-out for disposable cutlery” feature in their food delivery orders, they receive reward points that can be turned into virtual donations to an RMB1 million special fund, jointly run by Meituan and CEPF, to support green consumption. The fund, a part of the Meituan Waimai Blue Mountain Project, will be used to improve public awareness of environmental protection, by initiating educational campaigns which open environmental facilities to the public, such as waste treatment facilities and landfill sites. Meituan is the first food delivery platform in China offering the “no disposable cutlery” option, a practice initiated in 2017.

Meituan also announced today that it has worked together with Dow and Shaanxi Sports Facilities Industry Association to donate a sports ground, which is made of recycled materials, to Yan’an Wanhua School in Shaanxi Province. The sports ground is made of 7,800 recycled polyurethane solid tires from Mobike bicycles, and the recycled tires meet all the safety standards stipulated by national education authorities.

As an important part of Meituan’s location-based services, Mobike promotes green and low carbon traveling. With the principle of “reduce, reuse and recycle”, Mobike is taking proactive environmental protection measures through the whole lifecycle of bikes to realize 100% recycling of out-of-service bikes. Working together with manufacturers, Mobike has recycled 1.06 million waste tires. It also uses recycled food delivery packaging to make bike fenders and turns waste bike frames into furniture.

To reduce the environmental impact of food delivery, Meituan Waimai launched the Blue Mountain Project in August 2017. It aims to drive sustainability in the food delivery industry through promotion of environmental awareness, research, exploration of reuse and recycling, and charitable activities. By 2020, the Blue Mountain Project targets to partner with 100 delivery packaging companies to reduce disposed packaging waste, set up over 100 pilot programs on waste recycling, and gather 100,000 merchants to support and participate in environment protection activities through the Meituan platform.

Meituan Charity, launched by Meituan in 2018, is positioned as an “Internet + charity” service platform. Based on innovative technologies, the platform aims to create a better life and drive the advance of charity in China by developing safe, simple and convenient donation channels for the public and providing equal information distribution and fundraising services for non-profit organizations. With Meituan’s platform advantage, the charity will join hands with more NGOs to help solve social problems through innovation, and make charity part of people’s daily lives.

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