Moonlight Technologies Launches 5 New, Sustainable, Carbon-Negative, Plant-Based Technologies

Moonlight Technologies announced the launch of five new, sustainable, plant-based technologies. The launch of these technologies reinforces the foundation of Moonlight Technologies’ mission to use the power of nature to create a more sustainable, safer, and healthier world through plant-based innovation.

The new technologies include: EcoArmor, InsectProof, MindfullyClean, OdorSafe, and Natural Dyes. What makes each unique is that they are entirely plant-based, 100% natural, and manufactured with a carbon negative manufacturing process. All technologies are applied via standard manufacturing processes and have strong wash durability.

“We are excited to bring these innovative technologies to the market and offer new and innovative sustainable solutions for businesses,” said Allie Sutton, CEO of Moonlight Technologies. “Through this launch, we look forward to collaborating with partners in a variety of industries to begin implementing our technologies in real-world applications.”

EcoArmor, InsectProof, MindfullyClean, OdorSafe, and Natural Dyes have a wide range of applications including: apparel, uniforms, home textiles, air filtration, travel, hospitality products, fitness equipment, electronics, furniture, paint, and more.

  • EcoArmor is one of the world’s first sustainable, 100% plant-based, air, plastic and fabric antimicrobial technologies that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, mold, and fungus. 
  • InsectProof is 100% plant-based and permethrin-free bug repellent technology for fabrics, skin, and hard-goods.
  • MindfullyClean is an innovative self-cleaning fabric technology. Products treated with MindfullyClean stay fresh and clean regardless of use and rarely need to be washed.
  • OdorSafe is a natural, plant-based technology that permanently destroys and eliminates bad odors on fabrics. 
  • Natural Dyes are sustainably derived, non-toxic, biodegradable dyes for hardgoods and textiles. It can be applied to any fabric type – both synthetic and natural.

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