National Breast Cancer Foundation and PatientPoint Partner on Point-of-Care Education Campaign

The National Breast Cancer Foundation® (NBCF), recognized as one of the world’s leading breast cancer organizations, has partnered with PatientPoint® to provide breast cancer prevention, detection and treatment education to patients and caregivers at the critical point of care. As part of their partnership, NBCF and PatientPoint will share actionable breast cancer education in physician practices across the country via PatientPoint digital waiting room screens, interactive exam room touchscreens and through a custom print resource guide. 

Breast cancer is one of the leading health crises for women in the United States. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. NBCF helps women around the country and world through their free mammography, patient navigation, breast health education and research programs.

PatientPoint is the trusted leader of patient and physician engagement solutions across all points of care. The PatientPoint communication platform leverages critical point-of-care touchpoints such as waiting rooms, exam rooms and the back office to deliver award-winning education proven to increase patient-physician engagement and improve outcomes.

“Our partnership with PatientPoint helps us extend our reach and accomplish our mission of helping women now through our early detection, education and support services,” said NBCF VP of Programs Douglas Feil. “By leveraging the national PatientPoint network, we know that we are getting the right information to those affected by breast cancer at the ideal time—as they are having critical conversations with their provider—that could improve, extend and ultimately save lives.”

A notable component of the PatientPoint-NBCF partnership is a 28-page, expert-reviewed patient and caregiver guide on metastatic breast cancer being distributed in June to OB/Gyn and oncology practices nationwide. Metastatic breast cancer accounts for roughly 154,000—or approximately 6 percent—of all U.S. breast cancer cases and is an area of focus for NBCF. The PatientPoint-NBCF guide addresses all phases of the metastatic breast cancer journey for patients and caregivers, and includes sections dedicated to metastatic breast cancer basics, treatment, side effects, coping and ongoing care.

“At the heart of each piece of content we produce, we want to provide patients with actionable information they can understand, remember and apply—no matter the diagnosis,” said PatientPoint Senior Vice President of Content & Creative Kate Merz. “We’re honored and privileged to partner with NBCF to equip breast cancer patients and caregivers with trusted information designed to help them partner with their provider to receive the best care possible.”


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