National Breast Cancer Foundation Launches Charitable Partner Learning Center

National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is proud to announce the launch of their Charitable Partner Learning Center (CPLC). The CPLC is a proprietary resource for current and potential corporate partners that aims to educate, inform, and steward relationships between companies and nonprofits.

NBCF has worked with more than 20,000 corporate partners over the last 30 years, and looks forward to sharing the knowledge and expertise gained along the way. As experts in cause marketing in the breast cancer space, NBCF knows trusting charities, understanding where donations go, choosing the right charity, and understanding how to start cause marketing are all imperative questions. These topics and many more will be answered in new content released monthly via the NBCF LinkedIn page and the NBCF blog.

“We are excited offer the Charitable Partner Learning Center (CPLC) as a one-stop resource to learn more about partnering with nonprofits like National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The website is easy to navigate, and the content is designed to assist you as you explore and execute your own charitable partnership. New articles will continued to be released often to provide unbiased information to educate and update those in the industry.” – Brooke Adams, Director, Charitable Giving & Strategic Partnerships

For more information about National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Charitable Partner Learning Center, please visit:

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