National Diversity Council CEO Announces Book Release with a Portion of Proceeds Dedicated to the Coalition for Racial Justice & Equity

Ángeles Valenciano, the National Diversity Council’s (NDC) CEO will be releasing her first book focused on her leadership journey, La Sabiduría De Ana: Recetas De Liderazgo,and donate 10 percent of the book’s proceeds to the National Coalition for Racial Justice & Equity (NCRJE) for immigration initiatives.

Valenciano will release the book on Amazon, in her native language, Spanish, to honor her culture, heritage and mother Ana’s legacy. Valenciano grew up in the town of San Luis Potosí and immigrated to the United States after finishing college in 1993.

“We often do not give credit to how difficult it is to learn a second language as an adult,” said Valenciano, who learned English at the age of 23. “Our stories need to be heard by our voices. As a Latina immigrant, I want this book to resonate with other Latinas who understand my struggles and invite others to the beauty of learning other languages, the same way I learned English.”

An English translation of the book will be released at a later date.

Dennis Kennedy, founder and chairman of the board of directors for the National Diversity Council, wrote a forward for the book and said Valenciano is a ‘passionate leader everybody trusts.’

“As an African American male, I have learned so much about the Latino community from Ángeles. She is immensely proud of who she is and is extremely comfortable speaking about being an immigrant in a country that is not always very welcoming to immigrants,” said Dennis Kennedy. “As a servant leader, Ángeles brings into the mix her passion for the work, for her culture and for her people. From her, I’ve learned not to fear a society that does not accept you and to always be bold.”

A portion of the book’s proceeds will directly benefit the NCRJE and help address immigration justice reform and inhumane policies that work against immigrants. The NCRJE launched earlier this year on Juneteenth and aims to serve as a conduit for business and community leaders to brainstorm actionable ways to promote racial equity; leverage leadership commitment to racial justice in communities; and dedicate long-term resources to tackle the magnitude and scope of systemic racism.

An official book release schedule will be provided in mid-September, kicking off National Hispanic Heritage Month. A virtual book signing and Q&A session will follow the book release announcement and take place in the fall.

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