New interactive film provides hope for the future of the planet

It really is possible to power the world entirely with green energy. That’s the message in ‘Home’, a new interactive film from Danish renewable energy company, Ørsted. The film transforms climate change from a global crisis to a personal experience by challenging any previous conceptions of what ‘home’ means to each of us.

When reflecting on the significant effects of climate change, one usually thinks of it impacting someone and somewhere else. But ‘Home’ demonstrates how all the things we hold closest are threatened by global warming. No matter who you are or where you live.

Created by Emmy Award-winning Director Ben Tricklebank in collaboration with Ørsted’s global creative partner Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, ‘Home’ produces a personalised film based on input from the user. It serves as a stark reminder that our collective home is at risk and it’s time to change the way we treat it.

Rather than ending on a note of crisis and hopelessness, like muchcontemporary climate-related communications, the film instead provides users with the uplifting message that we have a historical opportunity to shift from black to green energy, helping protect the planet from further damage due to climate change.

“The only thing stopping us from creating a world that runs entirely on green energy is the belief that it isn’t possible. It is possible. However, while it’s important to send the message that climate change is happening, it often makes people feel apathetic. So, we wanted to send a message of hope instead. Because there really are reasons to be hopeful. Just recently, green energy became cheaper than black for the first time in history, which is a huge moment in the fight against climate change. This shows what we’re capable of if we dare to set a goal and pursue it,” says Filip Engel, Senior Director of Branding at Ørsted.

On the homepage housing the film, usersare invited to share their thoughts on what home means to them by answering three simple prompts. This leads to a personalised film based on those answers, one of thousands of possible versions.

“This has been among the most professionally challenging – and the most creatively rewarding – projects our team has ever been involved in,” says W+K Creative Director, Sean Condon, continuing: “Which I guess is kind of appropriate given that it’s intended as nothing short of a message designed to save humanity.”

‘Home’’s powerful message – that we all need to take action against climate change – comeswhenit’s most needed. Currently, fossil fuels represent 81% of the world’s energy consumption. This has caused the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere to be at the highest levels ever measured. Ocean levels are rising and 2016 clocked in as the warmest year on record. Our home is in need of help.

Ørsted has spent the past decade transforming from a black energy company to become theglobal leader in offshore wind. By deciding to stop using coal, selling its oil and gas production and building the world’s largest offshore wind business, the company is today fully dedicated to green energy. During the last six years, it helped reduce the cost of offshore wind power by more than 60% and by 2023, it will have reduced its carbon emissions by 96% compared to 2006.

Experience ‘Home’ now in ten languages*at

*(Arabic,Danish, English, French, German,Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish).


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