New streetwear brand launches with a sense of social responsibility

New streetwear brand Dayglo Monkey, a new clothing brand supporting gorilla and orangutan charities, launched on the 1st July. Despite not being a month old it is already heading towards its first thousand followers on instagram and seems to have found an audience in people with niche interests and belong to subcultures, such as surfers, graffiti artists, and skaters. The brand has even made its way as far as Italy, with italian celebrity Laura Ciriaco, who competed on Italy’s version of The Voice last year, showing off her Dayglo Monkey classic hoody on Instagram.

Complete with polo shirts, vest tops, joggers, and hoodies, Dayglo Monkey has the appearance of a mainstream streetwear brand. But don’t be fooled, they have no wish to blend in with the masses. 

Their striking logo and unusual name is designed to make anyone wearing the brand stand out. The brand aims to celebrate the quirky and eccentric parts of our personalities, the idiosyncrasies we all have that set us apart from others. It encourages us to accentuate the aspects of ourselves that are different, that define us, that make us uniquely who we are. 

Dayglo Monkey state thay thery are proud to be an ethical company. It’s not just about style, it’s about social responsibility too, and an opportunity to do good in the world.  

That’s why all of Dayglo’s products are manufactured by companies that ensure a fair wage is paid to their workers. The cotton in the clothing is fair trade, and the branding of each order is completed here in the UK. All apparel is branded to order for each customer.      

On top of that, 5% of all profits will be split equally and donated to two charities; The Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation and the Orangutan Foundation. Both of these excellent charities not only protect the apes and their habitat but they also work closely with the local tribes and villages, teaching them how to live in harmony with the apes. The charities’ work has  brought gorilla populations back from the brink of extinction and preserved tropical forest, ensuring orangutans can continue to live in the wild. 

Dayglo Monkey is a clothing brand that encourages you to feel comfortable in your own skin.  Dare to be different, stand out from the crowd, live ethically, go on an adventure, and most of all, find your happy. 


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