New White Ribbon Day Film Raises Male Violence Awareness

Sunday 25th November marks White Ribbon Day – The UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. To raise awareness, White Ribbon UK are asking people to wear a white ribbon and pledge never to commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.

This year the campaign is focusing on domestic abuse, saying “If love hurts, it’s not love”. 2 women a week are killed by a current or former partner, and an overwhelming majority of domestic abuse crimes are committed by men.

If Love Hurts has been developed to mark White Ribbon Day. Director Peter Giblin says,

The film explores the emotional aspect of domestic abuse and how that abuse takes place within a context of love. It takes on average up to eight abuses before a victim will feel able to speak out.  Often, victims of domestic abuse love their abusers, as well as fear them. Frequently victims will not realise they are in an abusive relationship. This is why the message of the film says ‘If love hurts, it’s not love’.

Anthea Sully, Chief Executive at White Ribbon UK said,

For real change to occur, men must understand the systems in place that give rise to toxic masculinity and male violence towards women. This film powerfully shows the impact of abuse in all its forms in relationships. White Ribbon UK asks men to take responsibility in ending male violence against women by being active bystanders, calling out abuse and sexism among their peers; talking openly about the male cultures that can lead to abuse and why men must take a stand against them.

If Love Hurts will be screened at the House of Commons on 28th November to an audience of MPs and campaigners.

Be part of the conversation: #IfLoveHurts

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