Non-Profit Takes Aim At Gun Violence With A History Book Stacked To Stop A Bullet

Just ahead of National Gun Violence Awareness Day this June, one organization in Chicago is hoping to make a difference in a powerful new public awareness campaign. The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICHV), a non-profit that advocates for common sense gun laws nationwide, is sharing the story of gun violence in America with the introduction of The Gun Violence History Book to inspire conversation and action across the country while gaining support for new legislation like the Fix the FOID Act [HB 96].

ICHV is unveiling The Gun Violence History Book, which encapsulates 228 years of gun violence history in America in over 19 chapters and 853 pages. The book itself does what history has not been able to do – stop an actual bullet, as captured in the campaign video. And it will be part of a travelling installation stopping in cities from Dallas to D.C. where significant moments of gun violence in history took place. By visiting, teachers can request a copy of the book to teach a history class at their schools and anyone can directly email their Senator demanding support for universal background checks.

“For the last 40 years, we’ve been committed to addressing America’s tragic history with gun violence,” said John Gruber, Associate Board Chair and Communications Consultant at Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. “So with this book, we decided to approach this problem in a different way. A way that would hopefully help people and policymakers learn a lesson from history and turn the page on gun violence in the U.S.”

These efforts are intended to raise awareness of the problem of gun violence across Illinois and the U.S. where there are nearly forty-thousand firearm fatalities each year. ICHV partnered with advertising agency FCB Chicago to bring the efforts to life and highlight this incredibly important issue in an unforgettable way.

Campaign footage, including expert and local official interviews, available here. For more information on the work of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and how to get involved in advocating for universal background checks visit Join the conversation online by using #stopgunviolencehistory.

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