Nonprofits, schools, and foundations reach $3 billion in mobile fundraising through GiveSmart

 Community Brands, has announced a new milestone of $3 billion raised by nonprofits, schools, and foundations on its fundraising platform, GiveSmart.

“Today we celebrate all the life-changing hard work, the countless hours put in from individuals at these organizations, and the immeasurable value they have provided to communities everywhere. We are so deeply proud to be a part of the bigger picture in supporting these efforts,” says Erin Shy, Managing Director, Nonprofit and Association Division at Community Brands.

The milestone of $3 billion raised has been made possible with more than 9,000 nonprofits, schools, and foundations executing upwards of 30,000 campaigns through GiveSmart’s platform. These campaigns and events have reached more than 12 million donors. GiveSmart is the industry’s leading mobile bidding and online fundraising platform that helps nonprofits and organizations reach their fundraising goals.

GiveSmart’s platform helps organizations connect with donors where they most often interact — on their mobile device. Through engaging experiences, donors are more easily able to participate in fundraising auctions, make donations, and further engage with the causes they care about.

“Our research shows that individuals are willing to donate 4 to 10 times a year, however, many nonprofits don’t have the means or the data to take advantage of that generosity,” added Susan Gilmartin, EVP, Nonprofit Solutions at Community Brands. “GiveSmart enables organizations to create a closer relationship with donors, raising more at both their annual events and through smaller opportunities all year long.”

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