NSC Partners with National Auto Auction Association on Vehicle Recall Campaign

The National Safety Council is pleased to welcome an automobile industry partner in support of its Check To Protect campaign, which seeks to reduce the number of vehicles on the road with open recalls.

The National Auto Auction Association has joined forces with the Council to promote the campaign. Nearly 1 in 4 vehicles on the road today has an unrepaired recall, and many of those recalls may pose risks to occupants.

In the campaign’s first year, much of the work undertaken by the Council has focused on encouraging drivers to visit CheckToProtect.org to determine their vehicle’s recall status using their vehicle identification number. Since the campaign launched in June 2017, more than 140,000 vehicle owners checked their recall status.

“The numbers keep rising, with more than 57 million vehicles now on the road with an open recall,” said Kelly Nantel, vice president of communications and advocacy for the National Safety Council. “We need to spread the word about open recalls and increase recall completion rates, which is why this partnership with NAAA is so important.”

By partnering with NAAA, the Council is broadening the Check To Protect campaign into the wholesale auction industry, which facilitates millions of vehicle sales every year. NAAA and the Council will work together to determine obstacles to repairing open recalls and strategize to repair more vehicles up for auction.

“Recalls are an important part of our industry because many involve vehicles that may end up at our membership’s auctions, so we’re pleased to partner with the National Safety Council on developing proactive strategies to identify those with open recalls,” said NAAA CEO Frank Hackett. “Ultimately, we share the common goal of reducing the record-setting number of open recalls and making our roads safer for everyone.”

“Recall awareness and compliance are critically important to road safety,” said Kristen Kreibich, Safety Advocacy, FCA US Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance. FCA US is a founding partner of Check to Protect. “FCA US is proud to be working with NSC to develop Check To Protect, and we are grateful to NAAA for its support. We encourage its members to join the coalition as well.”

Visit CheckToProtect.org, and – if necessary – schedule a free repair at a local certified auto dealer.






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