Olay Body Commits $100,000 in Grant Funding to the Fearless Artist to Support Women in the Arts

As part of its ongoing commitment to increase representation of women of color in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), Olay Body is committing $100,000 in scholarship grants to The Fearless Artist (TFA) to provide mission-driven artists with access to coaching, community and art buyers who are committed to social change. The 100 scholarship recipients, who represent the next generation of artists, will learn firsthand from Kiki Somerville, Creator of The Fearless Artist Method, a proprietary curriculum of world-class training that takes emerging creatives through the necessary steps to build a successful career in the arts.

This strategic collaboration was announced and celebrated at TFA’s Young Curators Showcase & Art Industry Job Fair in New York City from June 9-12, 2022, where Olay Body served as title sponsor. For info on the Showcase, visit: https://tfapopup.com/. This is the brand’s latest endeavor to elevate stories of women of color in art and science. Earlier this year, Olay Body launched the Fearless Artist Series collection of body washes to increase representation and visibility of products designed for women of color. Olay Body teamed up with Avery Williamson, an African American artist who designed the vibrant artwork adorning the bottles, as well as a diverse team of women to develop the formulas. This was the first collection in a series that will spotlight women of color artists who are fearless in pursuing their artistic dreams.

“Olay Body is committed to ensuring women see themselves represented through our brand,” said Freddy Bharucha, P&G’s Vice President of North America Personal Care. “By partnering with TFA and offering these scholarships, we can help make a tangible impact in the lives of the very women our new Fearless Artist Collection of body washes represents.”

Since 2014, TFA has been empowering mission-driven artists by providing access to coaching and the art community and its popups serve as a platform for emerging and undiscovered artists and galleries. The Young Curators Program was launched in January 2021 and has since seen more than 60 students across three cohorts enter the program.

“As a young creative person, I didn’t have people in my world that had art galleries, or understood the business side of art,” said Kiki Somerville, CEO and Founder of The Fearless Artist. “The Young Curators Program was conceived to address the lack of mentorship and gain access to job opportunities in the art industry. It is incredible to have the support of Olay Body to help so many emerging artists as they realize their artistic dreams.”

Avery Williamson’s vision and fearless approach in tackling her work fueled the creation of the Fearless Artist Series collection. The collaboration between the artist and brand aimed to fill a void in storytelling and freedoms of expression.

“Overall, I think art is so crucial to our lives and to our wellbeing,” said Williamson. “For me, art is about putting joy into the world. The abstract design of the Olay Fearless Artist Series is meant to represent moments when you’re blooming, growing and expanding. The dots, dashes, lines and circles all capture the emotions of everyday life.”

Find out more about Avery Williamson and Olay Body’s Fearless Artist Series collection at www.olay.com/body/fearless-artist. To learn more about TFA Popup New York, visit https://tfapopup.com/newyork/.

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