Oncology Nursing News® Launches Campaign to Honor Oncology Nurses Nationwide

As part of its continuing effort to recognize the important role an oncology nurse plays throughout a patient’s cancer journey, Oncology Nursing News® has kicked of the #AnOncNurseIs campaign.

This summer, Oncology Nursing News® will acknowledge oncology nurses for being one of healthcare’s most dynamic professions, as they play a vital part in every aspect of the treatment paradigm for patients with cancer.

“Nurses play a crucial role in the lives of patients but are not always acknowledged for their hard work and dedication,” said Michael J. Hennessy Jr, president of MJH Associates, parent company of Oncology Nursing News®. “We are thrilled to bring recognition to this profession so that nurses feel empowered and encouraged to continue to enhance this field.”

An Onc Nurse is many things: caring, dedicated, compassionate, selfless. Now, Oncology Nursing News® asks individuals to tell the world what an oncology nurse is to them.

The campaign is open to the public and encourages healthcare professionals, patients, and loved ones to share photographs and video on social media using the hashtag #AnOncNurseIs. Oncology nurses are encouraged to share photographs of them doing something they love, while videos can include a few words about what being an oncology nurse means to them.

Individuals may also email submissions to editor@oncnursingnews.com for the chance to be featured on the Oncology Nursing News® Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.



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