Online film festival teaches values of solidarity and respect

French Roast, a charming and witty film by Fabrice Joubert, is one of fifteen featured at the 2021 Takorama International Film Festival. This short film shows how wrong quick judgements can be and that compassion is truly the fuel of our collective humanity.

The festival has curated films that promote, in part, the values of solidarity and respect for others which are important elements of Global Citizenship Education. The festival aims to provide an opportunity for children and youth to discover new stories, visual universes and to give their opinion by voting for their favorite film. “Films allow children to develop a critical mind and to consider moving images, beyond entertainment, as a communication tool,” asserts Christophe Defaye, vice-president of films pour enfants.

The catalogue of films is grouped by those appropriate for children ages 3+, 6+, 9+, and youth 12+ and 15+. All the films are silent, using only music to shape the arc of the narrative. Primary and secondary school teachers can register their classes for free. Films pour enfants has released the rights for classroom use of the 15 short films accompanied by educational activities. Parents are also welcome to register their children.

The festival, which runs until 25 June 2021 is supported by UNODC’s Education for Justice initiative. For over three years UNESCO  and UNODC have worked together to bridge the gap between education and justice by empowering young people to become engaged citizens and promote fair and just societies. The partnership has produced policy guidance, interactive handbooks and a documentary that illustrates the incredible agency of young people.

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