Pathfinder International to Create Awareness and Raise Funds to Help Women Worldwide Gain Access to Modern Contraception

As women around the world from D.C. to India and beyond unite their voices to support a new decade in women’s health, an influential global health organization, Pathfinder International will launch –a campaign spotlighting the importance of increased access to contraception.

More than 214 million women in low and middle-income countries struggle to obtain family planning services. Being able to choose if, and when, a woman wants children is a fundamental human right. will raise funds for programs that improve the quality and reach of family planning programs, empowering women, men, and young people. By making donations at, women can take a stand on the importance of contraceptive access for women around the world and donors will have the opportunity to increase the impact of family planning and health programs that support women and young people as they plan for their futures and live healthy and productive lives.

These programs improve the quality of family planning services to prevent unintended pregnancies, provide skills and education about modern contraception, research and develop new technologies to provide a full range of modern contraceptive options, and ensure sound research and evidence to inform policies and practice.

Data shows that when women are able to decide if and when to have children, they are more likely to stay in school longer, have a healthy family, and increase their earning potential. The positive impact not only supports her family, but communities, nations, and the larger global society.

Each year in low and middle-income countries, 44 percent of all pregnancies, or about 89 million pregnancies, are unplanned. Women with unintended pregnancies are less likely to receive proper pre-natal care and are more likely to have premature and low-birth-weight babies with an increased risk of physical and mental disabilities. Financial and structural barriers continue to prevent women in low and middle-income countries from accessing the basic family planning services they want and need. 

“Empowering women and girls so they can achieve their full potential is critical for solving the biggest global challenges,” said Lois Quam, President and CEO of Pathfinder International. “When women have access to contraception they are able to choose their own path—including whether they want to have children and the timing and spacing of their children—and contribute the most to their communities and the world.”

By utilizing the resources and programs of Pathfinder International, will help the world recognize the essential role of family planning services in health and wellbeing and improve the lives and futures of women, men and young people.

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