Payscout Announces World’s First Donation Made in Virtual Reality

Payscout, Inc., have announced at  CES 2018 Digital Money Forum panel session that the first frictionless donation has been executed in virtual reality. The donation was made to the Jefferson Awards Foundation (JAF) within an immersive VR experience that features 360-degree video placing the viewer at the center of an awards ceremony honoring middle and high school-aged social entrepreneurs from the greater Los Angeles area. The entire experience, including the ability to donate to JAF without having to remove the VR headset, is contained within a mobile-based enterprise application that Payscout created for JAF.

“This is a landmark moment for both the non-profit and payments sectors,” says Payscout COO Juan Sotelo, who made the donation to JAF within an immersive VR experience. “Virtual reality, like no other medium, places the viewer at the center of a story by fully immersing them in the experience. By integrating a payment component, we are opening the door for nonprofits to create these compelling emotional stories tied to frictionless donation capabilities.”

The Jefferson Awards Foundation enterprise VR application features an integration with Visa Checkout, the online checkout service from Visa that enables millions of consumers to pay in just a few clicks on their web enabled devices with some of the world’s top merchants.  With the integration of Visa Checkout, consumers can choose their dollar amount and execute a donation in VR without having to remove their headset.

Building an enterprise application for the Jefferson Awards Foundation, the nation’s most prestigious and longest-standing organization dedicated to powering and celebrating public service, grew out of an expanding relationship between the two organizations.

“At Payscout, our Vision, Mission, and Cultural Attributes are all built on the belief that, ‘every individual has a social responsibility to make the world a better place,'” said Sotelo. “We are proud of this moment, not only because it aligns with our Belief, but also because we are leveraging our core competency — frictionless payment processing — in a meaningful and impactful way.”


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