Pentair Advances Commitment to Further Environmental, Social and Governance Stewardship

Pentair plc, a leading provider of water treatment and sustainable solutions, today announced that it has appointed Karla Robertson, EVP, General Counsel, and Secretary to the additional role of Chief Social Responsibility Officer (CSRO). With oversight and strategic direction provided by the Pentair Board of Directors, Robertson will lead Pentair’s social responsibility program to execute the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, and will formally establish a social responsibility strategy to further support Pentair’s organizational mission.

“Through our mission to deliver smart, sustainable solutions that make the most of life’s essential resources and our strong ‘Win Right’ company values, we recognize that the solutions and services we provide help improve lives and the environment around the world,” said John L Stauch, the company’s President & CEO.  “With the appointment of Karla as our Chief Social Responsibility Officer, we are accelerating our efforts to contribute to the development of a sustainable and responsible society that we believe will also drive our future growth.”

The foundation for Pentair’s sustainability journey focuses on:

  1. Integrating ESG throughout its business by creating broad accountability for the social responsibility strategy and creating shared goals; and
  2. Setting smart, focused targets across the company to track and measure progress against commitments.

“Pentair recently completed an ESG assessment to identify key topics of importance to shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and communities,” said Robertson. “We are identifying ESG goals and targets that we believe will unify our stakeholders around our shared mission and values and our commitment to being a positive influence on the social and environmental issues of today.  In the upcoming year we look forward to identifying and communicating specific goals and targets, including science-based environmental initiatives.”

Key categories for Pentair’s social responsibility goals include:

  • Environment
    Reduce Pentair’s impact on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions while increasing energy and water use efficiency measures throughout Pentair’s operations.  Pentair also seeks to: continue reducing waste from operations and increasing reuse and recycling; support the use of sustainable, renewable natural resources; and design products that facilitate environmental sustainability.
  • Employees and Communities
    Continue efforts to further engage Pentair’s suppliers, customers and employees by augmenting the Supplier Code of Conduct, continuing its focus on employee engagement, and executing its inclusion and diversity strategies and initiatives while delivering for customers on product safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Shareholders
    Incorporate ESG strategies in Pentair’s operations as the company focuses on growth and creating value for shareholders.

To learn more about Pentair’s ESG initiatives, including its most recent Corporate Responsibility Report, visit the Our Impact page on the company website.

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