Phoenix Group partners with Rest Less to promote 100 roles as part of age diverse recruitment strategy

Phoenix Group is partnering with Rest Less, a digital community for people in their 50s, 60s and beyond, as part of its age diverse recruitment strategy.

The UK’s largest savings and retirement business is marking the start of its partnership with Rest Less by advertising for more than 100 roles across the business with the website. All the roles advertised on Rest Less focus on skills and behaviours, and are being offered on a flexible, hybrid, full and part-time working basis, giving greater flexibility for those who need to balance work with caring or other responsibilities.

The adverts also avoid using language that research shows could deter older applicants. This is because some people will rule themselves out of even applying if they feel the role is meant to appeal to a younger audience.

Age diverse recruitment is part of Phoenix Group’s wider Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy.

Commenting on the new partnership with Rest Less, Phoenix Group’s Head of Talent, Development and Inclusion, Tamar Hughes, said:

“I am delighted that Phoenix Group is partnering with Rest Less as part of our ongoing efforts to promote age diverse recruitment.

“The over-50s represent a third of the UK’s workforce and yet often, due to their age, they will find it much harder to re-enter or change careers within the workforce.

“That is why we have launched our partnership with Rest Less with job adverts that focus on the behaviours and skills required, rather than the personality of an applicant, to avoid deterring any age group.

“Working to recruit, retain and retrain older workers is a vital part of Phoenix Group’s mission to help people secure a life of possibilities and I look forward to working with Rest Less and others to help deliver on this aim.”

Stuart Lewis, Chief Executive of Rest Less, added: “We are delighted that Phoenix Group has chosen Rest Less as its partner to support its age-inclusive recruitment strategy.  Older workers have much to offer the workplace yet age discrimination is still far too common.  We are proud to work with organisations like Phoenix Group who value the contributions that experienced employees make in the workplace and the multitude of benefits of having multigenerational teams working together.”

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