Pizza Pilgrims unites with Zero Carbon Forum

Pizza Pilgrims has joined Zero Carbon Forum to accelerate its progress to net zero, and share its sustainability insight and learnings across the sector.  

One of the biggest challenges that pizza companies face is how to address the environmental impact of dairy production, which can contribute significant greenhouse gas emissions. The forum is bringing pizza restaurants together from across the UK to tackle the issue, including Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and Azzurri Group, working with Dairy UK as part of the forum’s Dairy Action Group, to understand the UK footprint and levers to reduce it.

Pizza Pilgrims, which operates in 14 different locations across London, Oxford, Brighton, Nottingham, and Cambridge, is journeying towards B-Corp certification and net zero. Recently the company launched Plant Pilgrims, an initiative dedicated to developing new greener innovations including making its packaging as sustainable as possible. 

Thom Elliot, Co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims said: “At Pizza Pilgrims it has always been important to us to run the business the “right” way – looking after our people and our community in a genuine and authentic way. A huge part of this mission is to help protect the planet – so as part of our journey to become a B-Corp, we have launched ‘Planet Pilgrims’.  This is our way to energise our teams, guests and suppliers around the challenges we all face as we look to reduce our carbon impact over the coming years.” 

Mark Chapman, Founder and CEO, Zero Carbon Forum said: “We are delighted to welcome Pizza Pilgrims to the forum.  We look forward to working with Thom and the Pizza Pilgrims team through our many initiatives such as our Dairy Action Group, as well as sharing the learnings of the many initiatives they’ve already implemented. This growing collaboration of the pizza operators will accelerate the changes we need in our supply chain to both reduce emissions and build resilience as we head towards net zero, at pace.” 

Thom Elliot continued: “Joining the Zero Carbon Forum will help Pizza Pilgrims unlock the knowledge and expertise that comes with collaboration, helping us and others along the way. Net zero is a not just a target for us, it helps us drive innovation and take our partners on a collective journey. We are excited to see what we can achieve, and we have already made real progress with our sustainable-driven pizzeria in Selfridges and our soon-to-launch new sustainable menu.”  

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