Pledge Launches Donations App Integrated with Zoom to Add a Donate Button and Transform Any Zoom Meeting Into a Virtual Fundraiser

Pledge, the innovative and award-winning fundraising platform that makes it easy for businesses, nonprofits and individuals to make a positive impact in their communities, today announced the launch of Donations by Pledge, a new app for Zoom that makes it possible for anyone to quickly and easily add a Donate button into Zoom Meetings and turn any meeting into a virtual fundraiser in minutes. Building on the recent surge of attention to social change, the new app combines Pledge’s vast global network of over two million nonprofit partners with Zoom’s global reach of over 300 million daily meeting participants to advance philanthropic giving across digital platforms.

“At Pledge, we envision a world where donations are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives as individuals everywhere are looking for ways to have an impact more than ever before,” said James Citron, CEO of Pledge. “After powering over 150,000 virtual fundraisers in the past year, we’ve learned how to create the most frictionless experience for anyone looking to fundraise and for anyone looking to donate in a virtual event. By embedding a Donate button into Zoom Meetings, our Donations by Pledge app will drive an increase of up to 50% in audience donations, unlocking the potential for hundreds of millions of dollars in new donations for nonprofits around the world and transforming digital fundraising as we know it.”

More than a third of nonprofits are in danger of shutting down as a result of the pandemic, underscoring the importance of innovative new ways to increase digital fundraising. Pledge is providing better access for individuals and organizations alike to create impact by raising funds to drive positive change in this world. Now through Pledge’s collaboration with Zoom, every type of event – from birthday parties to hybrid charity galas and school fundraisers – can have deeper meaning by easily making an impact in support of causes that people care about.

The Donations by Pledge app is free and available to Zoom users across the world. The app will enable hosts on Zoom to:

  • Add a Donate button into any Zoom meeting
  • Instantly create a fundraiser for one or multiple nonprofits
  • Seamlessly fundraise for over 2M+ nonprofit and charitable organizations in 100+ countries
  • Drive up to 50% higher donor participation by allowing donors to give without needing to navigate away from the live event
  • Reward donors with a virtual gift – a custom “I Donated” virtual background post-donation
  • Display a live donor feed, showing all donation activity and the total raised in real-time
  • Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit cards for frictionless 1-click donations
  • Transform virtual and hybrid celebrations such as birthdays or baby showers, school fundraisers and alumni events, hybrid and virtual charity galas, memorials and religious services, corporate events, conferences, virtual volunteering and more into powerful fundraisers

“We’re excited that Donations by Pledge is bringing the ability to add a Donate button into Zoom Meetings,” said Ross Mayfield, Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integrations. “This shows the power of Zoom Apps to harness the scale of our platform to positively impact the world and deliver happiness to our users.”

Pledge was recently named Fast Company’s #2 Most Innovative Company in the World and a Corporate Responsibility finalist in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards for its innovations in fundraising and for introducing more accessible ways of philanthropy and social good to be integrated into people’s daily lives. In 2020, the company powered more than 150,000 virtual events, engaging approximately 40 million consumers around the world, and allowed people to donate to the causes they care about everywhere. Pledge is primed for expansive growth, and expects to power over $100 million in donations this year.

To learn more, visit:, where you can watch the Donations by Pledge video and install the app here.

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