Pollen Helps Define Future Women In Latest Digital Platform Project

Giving women a new platform to connect  as part of a movement  that goes beyond gender stereotypes, Sydney agency  Pollen has led the design and development of Nine’s new women’s platform, Future Women — a space committed to the success, advancement and support of women.

Conceived  in collaboration with Nine’s digital content director and founder of Future Women (FW), media  maverick Helen McCabe  (ex-editor in chief of Australian Women’s Weekly), Pollen worked closely with the FW team to define and design a platform that would facilitate its ambition.

Understanding the platform vision through a series of project context workshops, Pollen established the platform’s desired feature set and functionality before setting out on a journey to map  the user experience. Everything from ‘What really is Future  Women?’ through to how to join and how to connect  with likeminded, inspirational women.

Pollen director Brett Mitchell explains: “Original content, events, promotions and community; the platform has a lot going on. The challenge  for us was connecting the dots to ensure a coherent experience throughout.

“We really relish being involved all the way through the lifecycle of significant product projects such as Future Women, from conception, experience design, development and ongoing enhancements,  this is great platform at the right time.”

With the experience and architecture refined, the Pollen team then turned its attention to carefully defining the platform’s look and feel. Working closely with the in-house FW design team, Pollen bought the style to life through typography, colour and illustration to support the site’s vibrant content.

Future Women founder Helen McCabe  says: “Through this new entity, we set out to be much more than just a another content play; FW seeks to be a club for savvy women to connect,  learn and lead.

“Pollen was instrumental as our platform roadmap partner, helping us to achieve the right user journey experience and design tone for our exciting venture. We look forward to further developing  our vision for FW with the team at Pollen.”

With the first major platform release completed, new features and functionality will be continually rolled out and added  to the core FW platform.




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