PRCA Diversity Network rebrands as Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council (EIAC)

The PRCA has unveiled its Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council (EIAC) which aims to foster the growth of inclusive cultures in PR.
The PRCA Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council (EIAC) – previously known as the Diversity Network – reflects the Council’s stated purpose of “setting benchmarks on Equity & Inclusion for the PR Industry and building an inclusive industry through increasing visible representation to reflect the societies in which we operate.”
The re-launch coincides with the launch of a new monthly Disability@thetable podcast hosted by Mark Webb. The podcast, which showcases role models and explores challenges in the workplace, aims to share best practice and offer people with different abilities opportunities to share their stories. If you would like to get involved as a guest speaker or sponsor, please get in touch here. Check out Mark’s blog on why this is the podcast that you never knew you wanted.
EIAC Chair Sudha Singh CMPRCA said:
“For the longest time organisations have been focusing on diversity as a way to correct institutional and historic inequalities. Referring to people as diverse actually ‘others’ those who don’t belong to the dominant groups. So, diversity had to go. We have also seen that this approach has not really worked, the pace of change has been glacial.
“COVID-19 and BLM last year provided a springboard to accelerate action for changing the status quo. We want to use this momentum to help bring meaningful change within our industry.  We want organisations to focus on the equity inspired designs for bringing about that change – to creating equitable workplaces where talented people can thrive, no matter where they come from, what they look like. And this will require organisations to actually identify the problem areas and it is not helpful if you are determined to treat everyone equally.  Inclusion of course is an outcome and has diversity at its core – do people feel valued, can they bring their true self to work? What is their experience of the workplace? Do they belong?
“As an industry which has been striving for a seat at the table we should be able to speak from a position of knowledge and authenticity. That can only happen if we as an industry stop being tokenistic and become more intentional about our journey to equity and inclusion.”
The EIAC’s guiding principles is to collaborate, build partnerships and support organisations and individuals who are already doing exemplary work in EIAC priority areas.
For more information on the EIAC’s purpose, mission, governance and key priority areas, click here.

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