Royal College of Pathologists launches Incredible You

The Royal College of Pathologists has launched Incredible You, a new colouring-in resource for all ages which reveal the surprising beauty of pathology.

Incredible You is a free to download colouring-in resource featuring a series of drawings based on real specimens, revealing the vibrant and intricate patterns of life. Developed with scientist-turned-artist, Dr Lizzie Burns, Incredible You is designed to support learning and relaxation through its intricate depictions of molecules, viruses and cells. These show the unexpected beauty of our body at a tiny scale.

The illustrations cover the 17 pathology specialties and range from the wonder of a human blastocyst developing at the start of life, to tree-like cells in our brain that allow us to learn and grow and are available at Incredible You. 

Professor Jo Martin, President, The Royal College of Pathologists, said:

The biological structures that make up life are truly awe-inspiring. Starting at a molecular level, Incredible You shows life in all its complexity. Exploring the science behind our 17 pathology specialties, the illustrations open up a world that is rarely seen.

Pathology underpins every aspect of patient care, from diagnostic testing and treatment to preventing disease and cutting-edge research. We hope people will use our resources to express their creativity, de-stress, and discover more about our bodies and how they work.

Dr Lizzie Burns, creator of the illustrations said: 

Working with people in hospital, I saw at first-hand how much colouring-in can be enjoyed to help combat anxiety, loneliness and boredom.  Your body is amazing and I hope these images will excite curiosity, learning and delight with beautiful patterns emerging through colour.  I also wanted to challenge the image of pathology; these images celebrate life.

Incredible You comprises 19 illustrations that can be downloaded at Incredible You 

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