Sally Hansen Flips Gender Roles In ‘Shetopia’ to highlight inequality

Sally Hansen is launching its first ever global brand campaign with the debut of Shetopia, a vision of the world made by and for Self-Made Women. The short film spotlights real-life, self-made women who, in the face of adversity, choose to prevail.  The campaign’s cheeky, yet unapologetic visual interpretation of a female-driven reality encapsulates the progressive views of Sally Hansen, herself, an original self-made woman, and helps show the current gender inequality. Her shrewd business sense and success was matched by her iconic style – demonstrating the power of beauty to inspire and enable women to be their best selves. Now, sixty years later, Shetopia champions self-made women like Sally, from entrepreneurs and activists to young mothers and athletes.

In effort to provoke conversation about the power of self-made women who are doing, and will continue to do incredible things to positively influence the world, Shetopia showcases a world in which gender norms cease to exist. Each sequence recreates an example of societal prejudice or common stereotype experienced by women. Gender roles are reversed as men fight for equal pay in the workplace and paternity leave, while older women date younger men and female athletes play on one team alongside men.

Shetopia, which was produced, directed and shot by a nearly all-female crew, features 9 uniquely driven, self-made women who contributed their own real-life experiences to the project. Jessica Haggett (@jessicahaggett), founder of an all-female motorcycle group is one of the featured influencers in Shetopia. She has grown her group to be the largest in the world, spanning across 19 countries and 150 cities. “Getting out of your comfort zone and taking a chance is important. If it doesn’t work out then so what you are just back in the same place you were before!” says Haggett.

By sharing their stories, they aim to inspire women around the world to create and embody their own sense of beauty and empowerment. Cynthia Andrew(@simplycyn), an attorney and lifestyle blogger states that her success is built on her fearless individuality. While Eniola Aluko (@EniAlu), Chelsea FC star explains, “My personal Shetopia is soccer equality. I used to play with boys, and was often better than them. At times I tried to run away from being a girl soccer player, but you look yourself in the mirror and that is what you are. Soccer is a form of acceptance for me.”

The influencers featured in the film and campaign also include Gina Ybarra (@huntforstyles) – a successful fashion blogger who dropped her successful career in finance and decided to take her life in her own hands, Claire Wasserman (@LadiesGetPaid) who started “Ladies Get Paid” an organization that helps women rise up at work, Jaclyn Johnson (@JaclynRJohnson), founder of Create & Cultivate, which seeks to empower, enlighten and entertain women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. Angela Benton (@ABenton), businesswoman, a cancer survivor, a mother of three, and a pioneer of diversity in the technology industry. Sarah-Jane Adams (@saramaijewels), a gemologist and jeweler by trade, she was pushed into the limelight when her daughter uploaded a photo of her. The photo went viral and has since spawned a successful modeling career. Katie Sturino (@the12ishstyle), a challenger of traditional fashion rules and promoter of self-acceptance in all sizes.

Shetopia was directed by award-winning commercial and music video director, Natalie Rae. “There’s something that ties all of these women together,” She says. “They bring this sense of confidence and collectivity – a sense of freedom.” A self-made woman in her own right, Natalie went on to say, “As a filmmaker, I work in a space that’s very male-dominated, which can affect the process but not my vision.” Natalie is committed to telling empowering stories that may bring tears or laughter, but always encourage the human spirit.

The music for the campaign was written by self-made woman, singer songwriter Diana Gordon, who is known for her feminist lyrics and work with Beyoncé on the Lemonade album. Diana’s track ‘Woman’, is featured throughout the campaign.

While some of the stories in Shetopia highlights many women are already doing–for example running a press conference, leading a business, and paying the check — the campaign emphasizes there is still progress to be made.



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