Save The Children Break The DRTV Mould With New TV Ad

Save the Children UK have launched their latest DRTV campaign, Your Call, created and produced by creative agency Alpha Century.

The spot takes the viewer to Busia County, Kenya, where the issue of mothers dying in childbirth is highlighted; the voiceover, taking the form of a telephone call between a potential donor and someone from the charity, articulates how donations will make a difference. 

The aim of the new campaign is to raise unrestricted income for the charity to help support programme work, such as the featured maternal outreach work. By making creative and narrative advances within the confines of what is currently known to be effective, the DRTV ad looks to standout in a popular market with a fresh approach that is both emotive and relatable.   

Alpha Century’s Creative Director, Barnaby Girling, commented: “Part of the problem for DRTV is that, as a formula, it works. Therefore any attempt to do anything differently carries a risk of diminished returns. With Save the Children’s blessing, we aimed to challenge this current formula and what our client knows to be effective, by creating something completely original. We chose the issue of mothers dying in childbirth because we felt that it would resonate. Most have never experienced famine or drought, but many women have given birth, so the reality of delivering alone with no sanitation or basic facilities is much easier to comprehend.

Our intention was to find a set of visuals that wouldn’t shock the audience, but provide a stark, front-line contrast to the more cordial phone conversation, providing the essential information, occurring in the background”  

Chris Statham, from Save the Children UK, commented: “We are extremely pleased to be launching this new advert in collaboration with Alpha Century. We believe this campaign challenges the tried and tested formula of DRTV, bringing new life to our existing TV campaign. We feel that the conceptual and visual style have the potential to be really successful and make a significant, positive impact for our beneficiaries.”


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