Send Uplifting Letters and Books to Kids with Cancer this Holiday in the Letters of Love Campaign

The Letters of Love campaign runs for a second consecutive year and is created by personalized publisher I See Me! in partnership with the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, a national organization that funds groundbreaking research to change children’s lives.

To help spread love and the holiday spirit to children in need, I See Me! has created an online letter submission page at, where anyone can write and submit letters to children who have cancer. In the inaugural launch of the campaign last year, I See Me! received over 1600 letters from individuals worldwide, including letters written by children and people who were themselves receiving cancer treatments. The company’s new goal is to receive at least 5,000 letters.

In the third week of December I See Me! will send the letters to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, who will be working with partner organizations—such as Momcology, a peer support network for families facing pediatric cancer—and hospitals to distribute letters across the country. For every 50 letters I See Me! receives, the company will donate a personalized book to a child through CCRF. Book donations include I See Me’s new personalized storybook Super Kid! that helps build confidence in children, and the new holiday storybook Baking Cookies Together.

Beginning November 1st, I See Me! will donate a percent of every purchase to the national nonprofit, with a minimum donation of $3,000. Donations to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund can also be made from the I See Me! website (

John Hallberg, Chief Executive Officer at Children’s Cancer Research Fund, says, “We are so thankful for our friends at I See Me! and their support for childhood cancer research. Children affected by cancer are at the center of everything we do, and supporting them during the holiday season is especially important. Many kids fighting cancer can’t celebrate the holidays the way they usually do, so I’m truly thankful for those who take time to send them a note of encouragement this time of year.”

Founded nearly twenty years ago with a mission to make each child feel unique and special, I See Me! hopes to deliver uplifting messages to children in need, spreading joy and love this holiday.

“Our goal is to make children with cancer feel special by showering them with letters from people around the country,” says I See Me! President and Co-Founder Maia Haag. “Our website will make it easy for well-wishers to know just what to say by providing a suggested message to send, as well as the option to write their own personal message.”

Help I See Me! spread the Christmas spirit to thousands of children this holiday by going to, and support the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. The difference is you.

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