Simplyhealth launches Women’s Healthcare Charity Alliance

Leading health plan provider, Simplyhealth, has announced the launch of its Women’s Healthcare Charity Alliance, bringing together four charities; Bloody Good Period, Domestic Abuse Volunteer Support Services (DAVSS), Miscarriage Association, and Ovarian Cancer Action, to challenge taboos associated with women’s health conditions and drive meaningful change in the workplace by supporting employers.

According to a recent survey from Simplyhealth, women reported a lack of support for health issues in the workplace. Only a third (35%) of women would feel comfortable discussing menstrual health with their line managers and almost a quarter (23%) of working women have considered quitting due to the impact of menopause or menstrual symptoms at work. A significant number of women would also feel uncomfortable discussing women’s health issues with family (15%) and friends (11%).

Together, the charities and Simplyhealth aim to address some of the biggest health issues facing working women, including fertility and cancer, and as part of this look to reduce the stigma surrounding them. The Alliance will form a working group, meeting monthly to discuss relevant issues. Simplyhealth has also donated £25,000 to each of the charities to support their individual work.

Simplyhealth will use the Alliance to tailor its products and services, such as a specialised GP pathway service, to better support individuals and their reproductive health needs, taking learnings and insight from the partners.

The company has already expanded its product portfolio, becoming the first official health partner to the women’s health platform, Unfabled. Through this partnership Simplyhealth has curated a set of menstrual products, supplements and sexual health products, with discounts exclusively available to its members.

The Alliance will also provide expert content that will be shared with Simplyhealth’s network of corporate customers, to empower employers to address women’s health concerns and improve access to services for individuals at all stages of their lives.

We are committed to providing comprehensive, ongoing support to all, at every life stage. We believe this Alliance, with these incredible charities, will enable a deeper understanding of women’s health conditions, their impact and the appropriate support needed. We appreciate it will take time to achieve real change in supporting those who require women’s health solutions. The charities we are working with are already doing a tremendous job of empowering and driving conversations for change to better support people at work and in their personal life. Together, we hope to amplify their impact and aim to drive positive change through policy, education, and better access to the right healthcare.

Claudia Nicholls, Chief Customer Officer at Simplyhealth

Bloody Good Period is excited to work with Simplyhealth and the other brilliant charities to form the Women’s Health Charity Alliance. We hope this Alliance will platform women’s health and the need to improve available resources and champion education for all, whether or not they require women’s health solutions. Part of BGP’s mission is to break down the shame and stigma associated with periods and the menstrual cycle, but this shame and stigma extends into healthcare more broadly and we are grateful for the opportunity to apply our work and be part of an Alliance intent on breaking down these barriers.

Rachel Grocott, CEO at Bloody Good Period

Joining forces with Simplyhealth and these other amazing charities, we will champion the needs of women, with the aim to raise awareness nationally and signpost to local services for anyone who needs them. Together we are committed to raising awareness and removing the taboos linked to domestic abuse, empowering and educating those living with it and encouraging conversations within workplaces. We are a voice for survivors and together with the Alliance, will provide the support, empathy and practical guidance needed.

Sam Haspell, CEO at DAVSS

We are excited to be working with Simplyhealth and our fellow Women’s Healthcare Charity Alliance partners to shine a much-needed light on these often-overlooked issues. Breaking the silence around pregnancy loss helps people to understand they are not alone in their experience and helps to validate their feelings of grief and loss. It is crucial that employers understand the impact of pregnancy loss, both physically and emotionally, and put in place thoughtful and supportive measures to help their employees at this really difficult time.

Vicki Robinson, Deputy Director of the Miscarriage Association

We are delighted to be a charity partner for Simplyhealth’s Women’s Healthcare Charity Alliance. It is an incredible opportunity to work in partnership to raise vital awareness and funds around women’s health and specifically the women, sisters, daughters and wives impacted by ovarian cancer.

Cary Wakefield, CEO of Ovarian Cancer Action

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