Someplace Nice produces new “Forgetting The Past” PSA

A powerful new PSA for the Alzheimer Society of Calgary and Dementia Network Calgary captures the intimate nature of memory loss.

Created and directed by Andy Ferreira of Toronto-based Someplace Nice, “Forgetting The Past” is a heartbreaking reminder of the emotional and physical tolls degenerative brain diseases take on individuals and their families.

“Our goal was to create an emotive commercial that would move the needle on raising awareness about dementia in the community and the effects it has on families as well as the person with the diagnosis.” Said Jill Petrovic, Director, Philanthropy & Engagement, Alzheimer Society Calgary.

In the 45-second spot, a woman is recalling her brother’s experience as a soldier in World War II. As he runs through a forest dodging bullets in a flashback, she struggles to recount details of the story – the timeline, his rank, the nature of his injuries – before giving up.

The tagline appears: “Dementia takes more than memories.”

“I chose to tackle the subject of dementia, as it seems to not garner the rabid response that other diseases do as it’s perceived to only afflict the aged,” adds Ferreira. “The reality is that it cripples entire families as you are forced to watch and physically deal with the process of your loved one losing themselves.”

“Forgetting The Past” is currently appearing online and will be broadcast on regional television stations in Calgary.


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