Sparking the Next Generation of Young Scientists with Science at Home

With nearly 55 million students across the US still homebound due to COVID-19, STEM education has now moved from the classroom to the home.

To facilitate science-based distance-learning, 3M is helping students and educators with the all-new Science at Home video series. Created in partnership with the Bakken Museum and Discovery Education, 3M Science at Home offers students ages 6-12 a series of fun and educational science experiments that can be easily completed at home using commonly found household items.

These experiments, led by 3M scientists and special guests (like Miss America 2020), reinforce core scientific principles and are supported by the Next Generation Science Standards, which many states use to measure and improve science-related education outcomes. Each experiment includes background information on the key concepts to be explored, a complete materials list, step-by-step written instructions, and detailed “observation and results” to expand student learning.

New content posts weekly so there’s always something fresh to do. Led by world-class scientists, the Science at Home series also shows students diverse people in an array of STEM careers. For example, take a look at:

Diffusion with Miss America 2020

Ever wonder why things mix (or don’t mix) differently in different temperatures of water? Join scientist Camille Schrier, who was crowned Miss America 2020, as she explains diffusion and how substances move though water.

Fidget Spinner

Your teacher might not love when you have one in class, but the physics behind fidget spinners are truly head-spinning! Join 3M scientist Tesha R.-Alston Dampier as she shows you how a spinning motion changes the way things move.

Inflation Station

Follow along with 3M’s Chief Science Advocate, Jayshree Seth, as she teaches students how chemistry can help put some air where it’s most needed!

The 3M Science at Home content empowers students and educators alike with dynamic digital content at no-cost that encourage STEM exploration while also highlighting the multitudes of careers available and underscoring the importance of diverse representation in STEM fields.

Science at Home supports the 3M and Discovery Education program, Young Scientist Lab, fostering a new generation of scientists inspired to improve the world through science. Discover the full array of engaging activities and standards-aligned teaching tool, as well as the award-winning annual Young Scientist Challenge, at

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