Stasher Bag Unveils New Commitment Under Save What Matters Campaign

Stasher, the company behind the first radically functional and endlessly reusable silicone bag with a Pinch-Loc™ seal, unveiled a new campaign—Save What Matters, in an effort to bring more awareness to the growing crisis around single-use plastic. To increase access to reusable alternatives, Stasher will replace 25 million single-use plastic bags through 2021 by giving away over 100,000 Stasher bags. Stasher will be giving these bags out to those who attend select beach clean-ups through Surfrider Foundation and other Stasher nonprofit partner events throughout the year. Starting in July, Stasher will also drop surprise Stasher bags in random orders placed directly through its website.

“As a mission-driven company, one of our goals is to increase access and ensure that anyone can play an integral role in the plastic-free movement,” said Kat Nouri, founder of Stasher. “Our own Stasher squad has been inspirational and foundational to our success, we are looking forward to welcoming new members to our squad so we can Save What Matters.”

The Save What Matters campaign includes three main components:

  • Today, Stasher is celebrating the launch of Save What Matters by offering a save-what-you-can model, Stasher’s version of a tiered pricing structure, for the purchase of a Stasher Sandwich bag. For one day only, Stasher is offering three different price points to choose when purchasing a Stasher Sandwich Bag.
  • To coincide with the launch of Save What Matters, Stasher will also be introducing a 30-day challenge aimed at inspiring people to reduce their reliance and consumption of single-use plastic in various facets of their lives.
  • Additionally, Stasher will encourage the growing Stasher squad to play an active role in protecting the spaces we all love but are often riddled with plastic. Throughout this year Stasher will partner with Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving the world’s oceans, to organize various Save What Matters beach cleanups.

It is estimated that an average U.S. family uses around 500 single-use plastic bags in one year which equates to around 40 billion per year (for all U.S. households combined). This is enough plastic to stretch from the Pacific to the Atlantic 1,500 times if the average single-use plastic bag were laid end-to-end.

If just one person replaces a single-use plastic bag with a reusable alternative one time per day, five times per week, they are removing 260 single-use plastic bags from entering the waste stream per year. By giving away 100,000 Stasher bags, the company aims to eliminate more than 25 million single-use plastic bags from littering our landfills and oceans.

We all have something to give. To save. To protect. Because, we only have one planet and it’s up to all of us to save it.

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