Sustainable Apparel Coalition Expands Reach

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition announced a significant milestone welcoming its first member in Korea, Hansoll Textile Ltd. New members, like Hansoll, reflect ongoing efforts to elevate APAC manufacturing voices, which are critical to the SAC’s mission of industry transformation.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the milestone of expanding our reach to Korea with new member Hansoll,” said Andrew Martin, executive vice president of the SAC. “As we demonstrate our commitment to engage more manufacturers in the APAC region, we are honored and humbled by new members that demonstrate their leadership by joining us in industry transformation across the consumer goods industry.”

Founded in 1992, Hansoll Textile Ltd. is a leading global textile company, specializing in the manufacturing and export of knit apparel to the United States, Europe, and Japan. Over the past 30 years, they have achieved a remarkable 200-fold increase in revenue and continue improving their marketing and design capability and investing in owned manufacturing and the world’s best smart factory. As a forward-thinking organization, Hansoll Textile actively responds to evolving market demands by spearheading the transformation of the global digital value chain through a digital platform. Committed to sustainability, they practice green management to contribute to a sustainable future and actively embrace ESG-focused work processes to meet corporate social responsibility.

“As one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, Hansoll Textile is committed to active engagement in ESG-focused management. Joining the SAC provides a pivotal opportunity to align with global sustainability standards,” said Diana Oh, Senior Manager, CSR/Sustainability at Hansoll Textile, a new SAC manufacturer member. “Our SAC membership will significantly benefit Hansoll Textile by enhancing our sustainability practices and integrating us more deeply into the global sustainability textile community. Leveraging SAC’s resources, we aspire to enhance our corporate social responsibility initiatives, broaden our expertise, and set new benchmarks in sustainable manufacturing within the global textile industry. Our SAC membership symbolizes our dedication to shaping a more sustainable and responsible future for the textile industry.”

Now reflecting over 300 members around the world, the SAC doubled the number of manufacturing members in 2023, as compared to the previous year. And, in response to calls from members, the organization began expanding its membership to the adjacent product categories of home furnishings, sporting and outdoor goods, and bags and luggage.

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