Swiss fashion and lifestyle brand NIKIN launches biggest social media campaign to combat global deforestation

We are currently experiencing a worrying moment in the history of our planet. The world that mankind has known for ages is under serious threat.

Global temperatures are rising, coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate and mass extinction is destroying countless animal and plant species.  And how does mankind react to this? Unfortunately hardly, far too little is being done about it. All over the world, we continue to cut down trees, pollute our waters and pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It is high time we do something about it before it is too late. The Swiss clothing and lifestyle brand NIKIN takes the step.

NIKIN, in cooperation with OneTreePlanted, the American non-profit organization that plants trees worldwide, has set itself the goal of combating the damage we humans cause to our environment. Founded by two environmentally conscious guys, grown by many more helpers and with a common plan to combat climate change and deforestation. Tree By Tree – one tree at a time.

At NIKIN, a tree is planted on behalf of the customer for every product sold. So far, around 180,000 trees have been planted with this product. But that’s not enough and that’s why we want to plant many more. Every day, it is estimated that thousands of trees are removed from forest and rainforest habitats. It is clear that more is needed to be done to protect and restore these vital areas of our planet. NIKIN wants to go beyond just buying, which leads us to the #HugATreeChallenge.

NIKIN wants to motivate the large community on social media to make a difference, because if every single person contributes his or her small part, a lot is already done. We want to plant 100.000 trees with the #HugATreeChallenge.

Instagram is a global network that connects over a billion people every day. With this tool, NIKIN wants to spread its message across the borders. The #HugATreeChallenge will be the voice that carries this message.

The idea is simple: for every person who posts a picture or video with the Hashtag #HugATreeChallenge on Instagram, NIKIN will plant a tree. It’s about spreading the message of the challenge, but also about motivating people to go out into nature and appreciate it more. If the participants then nominate their friends or celebrities to do the same, this message can be spread around the world and ultimately lead to concrete action against environmental degradation. Above all, however, the campaign could attract the attention of younger generations. Generations that will probably feel the effects much more than any before.

NIKIN wants to do something good for the planet and make it better so that it will be preserved in all its beauty for future generations. The #HugATreeChallenge will hopefully help make a difference. Since May 19, posts have been appearing on Instagram and are constantly getting more. The more people participate, the more trees will be planted.

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